The Political Economy of Healthcare: a New Coalition Forms

A new healthcare coalition has appeared on the scene in Virginia that claims to represent the interests of “thousands of Virginians with chronic diseases, small business owners, and older adults” to protect patients with pre-existing conditions and to “strengthen” the health insurance marketplace.

The Healthy Market VA Coalition is endorsing SB 404, which would limit the sale of “inadequate” Short-Term Limited Duration Plans, and Governor Ralph Northam’s proposal to convert Virginia’s federally facilitated medical insurance exchange to a state-run model. I have not evaluated either piece of legislation, so I cannot comment positively or negatively on them.

My purpose in this post is to call attention to the fact that the coalition does not consist of actual healthcare consumers but nonprofit organizations that have their own agendas. Typically, nonprofit organizations are predisposed to government or philanthropic solutions to society’s problems. Thus the focus of this group is on pre-existing conditions and health exchanges for lower-income Virginians — worthy topics of consideration, to be sure — but not, for example, the consolidation and cartelization of Virginia’s healthcare industry, the excess profits of “nonprofit” hospitals, the trade unionization of the medical occupations, or the ever-growing list of mandated benefits that make insurance policies increasingly unaffordable.


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2 responses to “The Political Economy of Healthcare: a New Coalition Forms”

  1. Steve Haner Avatar
    Steve Haner

    Last week in Senate Commerce and Labor (not sure if it was full committee or a subcommittee) we saw again the perennial bills for association-based health insurance plans and for limited duration health insurance plans. These are similar (some tweaks) to the bills which passed in 2019 with bipartisan support, only to be vetoed and then to star in campaign attacks as “stripping coverage for pre-existing conditions” and other such BS. The bills are back and these groups are forming a united front against them this time. I suspect that is their only common focus.

  2. LarrytheG Avatar

    Just to be clear, insurance that does not cover pre-existing conditions. right?

    The comment was made in an early post about what the GOP was offering as a plan forward instead of opposition.

    So what is the GOP’s plan forward for pre-existing conditions, policies that are cheaper but don’t cover them?

    I think a lot of voters are on to this and they’re paying close attention to what the GOP is offering.

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