The New Normal: Social Zoom and Quarantinis

Laura Bacon raises a Quarantini (recipe available upon request) in preparation for our virtual book club.

by James A. Bacon

We’ve been in self-isolation for only a week, and already we’re getting cabin fever. Laura and I were especially disappointed by the cancellation of our bi-monthly book club meeting, which would have entailed gathering more than ten people in one place.

Fortunately, thanks to the miracles of technology — broadband and Zoom, in particular — we managed to gather virtually. Some of our group had used Zoom for business, but no one knew how the program would work as a social media. It turned out pretty well. It wasn’t as satisfying as conversing (and eating and drinking) in person, but it was a lot more fun than sitting around by ourselves and watching re-runs of “Nurse Jackie.”

We used a laptop to access Zoom, and then loaded the image on our big-screen TV. The conversation was as animated as ever. Once you have established bonds of close friendship with people, it is amazing how well the sentiments of warmth and camaraderie flow over fiber-optic cable.

If you haven’t tried Zoom, you need to. As long as one of your number has a Zoom account — many have it for business and professional reasons — he or she can set up a virtual meeting and everyone else can participate for free. The software can be downloaded easily, and the interface is incredibly intuitive. I can think of no better way to help you muddle through the long, lonely days of self-isolation to come.


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6 responses to “The New Normal: Social Zoom and Quarantinis”

  1. LarrytheG Avatar

    Glad to see the Bacons are adapting and the obviously able leadership of your lovely wife!

    We too are using ZOOM… Vestry meeting, outreach meeting, prayer services, etc… and this is an example of something I think will accelerate a technology faster than if it grew without a crisis.

    There are other competitors to Zoom and was checking to see if one could conduct a Zoom encounter and share a document (or a book page) and yep, you can!

    With Zoom and the ability to conduct a lot of business and other activities, there’s the contrast irony of some things that have to be done in person and it involves service workers – the same ones who have been hurt – there is also a lot of work that can only be done hands-on.

    Businesses are going to be transformed by this experience. Restaurants were already on the door-dash bandwagon… so now we are confronted with the truth that restaurants are really not about food – we can get that “delivered”. Restaurants are about socialization. The food is merely the pretext and diversion!

    Best to the Bacon Family!

  2. Peter Galuszka Avatar
    Peter Galuszka

    Quarantini? Sounds interesting. Also try a Oaxacan old fashioned.

  3. We use Zoom at work, have used Cisco’s Webex also. Used another one this morning for MRC volunteers.

    1. LarrytheG Avatar

      any opinion among them , compare, contrast?

  4. Monday will be interesting when the vast majority of America’s colleges open ZOOM sessions for classes simultaneously…… ZOOM added two servers last week for the anticipated usage increase…… we’ll see if ZOOM crashes and burns or blows up the internet. Luckily i teach at 530pm so the system will have either burned down, worked, or been fixed by then.

    God Speed and SEMPER GUMBY

    1. LarrytheG Avatar

      People have been streaming and doing YouTube, all that Amazon stuff, etc, etc, out the Wazoo already so I doubt big disruptions but will issue my mea culpa just as soon as my connection goes belly up – if I can.

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