Very little is publicly known about the blogger known as Groveton. He lives in Northern Virginia, where he was the CTO of a large corporation — until he resigned in 2011 to become CEO of a technology start-up. He graduated from Groveton High School in Fairfax County, and then the University of Virginia. He has a big family, and in his spare time he likes to fish.

Update: Groveton has been revealed. He is Don Rippert, and he now blogs under his own name. One of these days, we’ll get around to posting his profile.

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  1. Hey Groveton, I’m a Member of the Thos. Jeff. Institute for Public Policy Board and former Fort Hunt HS Grad. I didn’t know Groveton Graduates could actually read and write, but congrats to you! We should compare notes some time. Class of 1974! Best regards, Rob

  2. Hello Groveton, I think I remember you when you and your classmates would throw rocks at us Catholic schoolkids nextdoor at Saint Louis School. I was never hit and didn’t have the arm strength to throw very far back then, so no hard feelings here! Floodguy

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