That’s What I Call a Bachelor Pad

I don’t know Steve Chapman, the young conservative who’s challenging Harry Parrish for the GOP nomination for the 50th House of Delegates district in the Manassas area, but I’ve been getting his e-mails at Rebellion Headquarters. He strikes me as a spunky young man. He’s an entrepreneur who started a successful power-wash business at the age of 16. (He holds the contract to clean the tombstones at Arlington National Cemetery.) He’s also signed the no-tax pledge.

Now comes word from the Washington Post that Mr. Chapman may be in hot water. Parrish, or his minions, have questioned whether Chapman maintains a legitimate residence in the 50th district. Chapman concedes that he has lived in three different residences over the past six months, but swears that he maintains a legitimate residence in Manassas. Based on the Washington Post’s report, though, it may not be the kind of home that he’d want to bring mom to. Saeth the Post:

At the Manassas condominium on Richmond Avenue, Chapman said, “Welcome to ‘Pimp My Ride,’ ” as he opened the door — referring to an MTV show where skilled mechanics transform dilapidated vehicles into luxury cars.

The cluttered, one-story condominium was filled with dirty furniture. The walls were not painted. The kitchen had no refrigerator and a broken stove. The bathroom, he said, was “under renovation.”

In a bedroom, two old mattresses were stacked on top of each other and had no sheets. “It’s luxurious,” Chapman said sarcastically. “I have an ergonomic pillow so I get a good night’s sleep.”

Ergonomic pillow. Pimp My Ride. I love it. The kid’s got a sense of humor. He’s got my vote — or, at least he would if I lived in his district.

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Let’s pick up on Phil’s post of a few days ago. If Chapman is convicted (for purposes of this question, let’s posit that election fraud is a felony), are there circumstances in which Phil would support Governor Warner’s signing a restoration of voting rights for young Steve? Explain and expand.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Your position, Jim, is about as rational as the other folks who were planning to vote for this guy.

  3. Chiraag Avatar

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  4. Jim Bacon Avatar
    Jim Bacon

    Anonymous, A sense of humor is important in politics, as in life, don’t you think?

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    Indeed, Jim. I hadn’t really pegged Mr. Chapman as one of our great political wits, but your sense of humor suits me fine.

    In Chapman’s case, I must acknowledge that beyond the bad judgment of taking a WaPo reporter to his crackhouse modern pad (did Gil Davis OK that?), he seems fairly unfazed by the whole thing.

  6. James Atticus Bowden Avatar
    James Atticus Bowden

    In 2003 the money and power behind the Transportation Tax Referendum Scam got a local fellow (married to an elected Democrat)to run against one of the few anti-tax Republican officials who would actually speak out in public, Hon. Tom Gear HD 91, in Tidewater. This Bubba spent $130k cash for a house in the district. Instead of running for the open seat in the predominately black district he lived in, he ‘moved’ to run against an incumbent Republican.

    He claimed to live in the house 3 or 4 days a week. He lost by over 2:1 when he outspent the incumbent over 2 or 3:1

    I’m all for challengers to Apostate Republicans, but I couldn’t find four legitimate ones in Tidewater. I don’t recommend a gimic like moving into a district without the integrity to stay where you are going and live there. Virginians don’t like that.

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    Perhas you do live in his district, Jim, because he sure as shooting doesn’t live in the 50th.

  8. Jerry Gray Avatar
    Jerry Gray

    Chapman could be charged with the felony of perjury if he falsely stated where he resides.

    A member of the Town Council of Pound was convicted of perjury for making a similar mistake

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