Thanksgiving Secrets

by Kerry Dougherty

It’s a little like Mao’s Cultural Revolution, with cranberry sauce. I’m talking about Americans and their secret plans for Thanksgiving.

Everywhere I go I bump into people whispering about where they’ll be and who they’ll be with this Thursday.

Thanks to despotic governors and other meddling government officials, Thanksgiving shaming is a thing this year.

Confess that you’re getting together with family and friends and you’re accused of risking lives instead of being praised for being an adult, with the ability to weigh the risks and rewards of your own behavior.

Yes, by now everyone knows that the Centers for Disease Control has warned that traveling increases the risk of getting infected with COVID-19 and that staying home is the best way to be safe.

Well, the head of the CDC also said children in grades K to 12 were safest in school and no one’s paying attention to THAT advice, so why would the travel advisory be any different?

Fact is, it appears government factotums have underestimated just how tired people are of being told what to do. Especially by officials who don’t follow their own advice. They’ve also underestimated just how much Thanksgiving means to Americans and how much they yearn to spend it with loved ones.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is traditionally the busiest travel day of the year and this year promises to be no exception.

While travel has been down for months, airports were reportedly clogged last weekend, setting records that haven’t been seen since before the pandemic. reported the Washington Post:

More than 1 million people still passed through the country’s airports Friday in the second-highest single-day rush of travelers since the start of the pandemic, even as air travel has dropped dramatically over this time last year. On the same date in 2019, more than 2.5 million people traveled through U.S. airports.

That may be alarming to some. But to those of us who have waited for the backlash to finally begin, this is heartening.

In the same vein, throngs took to the streets of Huntington Beach, California, after 10 p.m. last weekend to protest Gov. Gavin Newsom’s punitive 10 p.m.-to-5 a.m. curfew. Seems at least some Californians don’t like being told they can’t leave their homes. Who knew?

Best of all, there are signs that law enforcement officers are beginning to balk at being asked to enforce heavy-handed edicts from governors. In New York State, for instance, a number of sheriffs are refusing to enforce Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 10-person Thanksgiving executive order.

“On Friday morning, it became clear that Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat, would not have the statewide cooperation he sought when the sheriff of Erie County, which includes Buffalo and its suburbs, said he would not enforce the gathering limit.

“This national holiday has created longstanding family traditions that are at the heart of America, and these traditions should not be stopped or interrupted by Governor Cuomo’s mandates,” the sheriff, Timothy B. Howard, a Republican, said.

The next day, he was joined by Sheriff Richard Giardino of Fulton County, which is northwest of Albany. In a forceful denunciation that he posted on Facebook, Sheriff Giardino, a Republican, questioned the constitutionality of Mr. Cuomo’s order, adding that he could not “in good faith” defend it.

“Don’t feel a need to hide cars, cover with leaves or walk 3 blocks so your house doesn’t become a target of the Governors EO,” he said, according to The New York Times.

We are coming up on one of our most beloved holidays. It is possible to take this virus seriously while still gathering with loved ones to give thanks for the freedoms that haven’t yet been trampled by authoritarian governors and mayors.

If only more were like South Dakota’s Kristi Noem who took to Twitter last week:

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and across the country families are planning how to celebrate with their loved ones in the midst of Covid-19. In South Dakota, we won’t stop or discourage you from thanking God and spending time together this Thanksgiving.

Some states across the country are imposing restrictions on Thanksgiving celebrations. Some in the media are even looking ahead and planning to cancel Christmas. I’ll continue to encourage each and every one of you to exercise personal responsibility and make smart choices.

Personal responsibility. Smart choices.

Imagine that.

This column was published with permission from Kerry: Unemployed & Unedited.

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62 responses to “Thanksgiving Secrets

  1. James Wyatt Whitehead V

    Attention. You need to pull that frozen turkey out now and let if thaw in the fridge. 25 pound bird will take 3 days to thaw. Don’t microwave. Don’t forget to brine the turkey in iced salt water. Use a clean five gallon bucket. Don’t forget the secret to good corn pudding. Evaporated milk. Those are my Thanksgiving secrets. Wishing the Rebellion the very best over the holiday!

    • No No No

      Thaw in a sink of tepid water which takes only about 3 hours max. Just top off the water with some hot every 30 minutes to keep temp up. Pull out neck/gizzards as soon as possible to help thaw the cavity..

      Been doing it that way about 40 years.

  2. Borrowed from The Bull Elephant, which has been running funny memes on Sundays for a while now. Most of them are funnier to Republicans than to Democrats. Many non-partisan.

    It was obvious months ago that the dam would eventually break. Doesn’t mean December won’t be terrible, because it probably will. My brother has driven up all the way from Texas to park himself in a Roanoke hotel, to have turkey day dinner with an old family friend and host his Tech-attending daughter. I’m not driving out to see him. I’d like to, but I’m choosing not to.

  3. Rule Number One for success of totalitarian state:

    1/ Put Fear in the minds and hearts of citizens.

    Rule Number Two for success of totalitarian state:

    2/ Keep Fear in the hearts and minds of citizens.

    Rule Number Three for success of totalitarian state:

    3/ Monitor, Hector, and Shame Citizens 24/7 demanding their obedience on pain of exile.

    Rule Number Four for success of totalitarian state:

    4/ To achieve such fear and obedience, turn citizen against citizen, divide them & conquer them, after making most of them dependent on the US Government, their new found God and Savior.

    Hence the great Covid Crisis, how it is loved by all tin horn despots who never want it to end.

    • Since you understand in large part how he did it, are you one of those who can’t believe Biden actually won? Listening to the craziness on the radio this morning from these fools who want to recount Virginia….

      • Why are you asking me? You are the professional here. Best you figure it out, and talk about it freely, rather than oppose those who do, or you’ll go the way of the Dodo Bird, living in permanent exile until then. Sounds to me like you are trying to shut people up in silence, the Virginia Way. At least Virginia’s Democrats talk, telling you what they think, not hide in bunkers.

        • He won. More accurately, Trump blew it. All fatal wounds in politics are self inflicted.

          • Jeanine Martin

            I do not believe Trump blew it. Without COVID he would have cruised to victory on the best economy ever. Yes, he had some self-inflicted wounds but none were lethal enough to be fatal.

          • All he had to do was to be seen regularly wearing the mask and encouraging others to do so, and stop publicly pissing on his own paid experts, and he’d be prepping for the inaugural balls. Blew it, blew it, blew it.

      • Funny. I was going to say it didn’t work. He still lost.

  4. James Wyatt Whitehead V

    Yesterday was the 67th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s murder. Tomorrow is the 67th anniversary of Jack Ruby and Oswald’s encounter. History thought for the day.

  5. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
    (OK, free speech disclaimer for the Feds monitoring Bacon) – I am not advocating killing anybody. TJ said this – 233 years ago)
    I am advocating civil disobedience – have Thanksgiving. Wow – when that is civil disobedience, Houston, we have a problem…

  6. Baconator with extra cheese

    Thanksgiving is a digusting holiday anyway..
    Colonizer’s celebrating genocide…. being “thankful” for their despicable white privilege.
    I can’t believe Dr Governor Coonman is allowing the state to “celebrate” the historical conquests of his racist colonizer family who “owned” humans and occupied Powhatan land.

  7. Steve – My distinct impression at this point is that the Republican professionals in Virginia are simply trying to hold on to what is left to them of the gravy train pie in Virginia. Like with the professional Democrats, it is all about the money, and how its spit up, and how to hang on to that. Screw the people, those poor devils are on their own in Virginia. Hence all the indirection. Hence, all the failure to speak plainly, and to fiddle as Rome burns like here over past 12 hours, for example.

    • Reed, the GOP had one helluva a good outcome November 3, and even Trump achieved an incredible vote. The message won but the messenger sank under his own weight and failures and nasty personality. It’s been pretty funny listening to Limbaugh et. al. whine about people who hate America, when that is what he and his kind have been selling since Nov 3 — and you seem to have embraced. The damage done in the last three weeks rivals the period after the 1860 election, and if the push really comes, I will stand with the Constitution. Trump needs to grow a pair and leave. Plain enough for you?

      Keep this up and the GOP voters in Georgia will assume their votes do not count and they will stay home. Do you want to lose those two Senate seats? Biden restrained by a GOP Senate is an outcome quite a few Americans are comfortable with. Thank the founders once again.

      Yes, I have spent four decades in an around state government and in general I believe our election process is good, the amount of fraud low, and when somebody loses by 400,000 votes they can be confident they really did actually lose. When it is 140, I’m the first to say examine every ballot….

      • Del. Yancey… 1 vote. And that was one screwed up ballot. But,a 3 judge panel said they could determine intent, even if the law said they shouldn’t.

        • The three judge panel punted a decision bound to anger half the room and left it to random chance. One vote, one hanging chad, and the process does get squirrely.

      • Steve, you are arguing not with me, but with your own imagination as relates to my position. For example:

        “Reed, the GOP had one helluva a good outcome November 3, and even Trump achieved an incredible vote. The message won but the messenger sank under his own weight and failures and nasty personality.”

        This is precisely what I said here on Bacon’s Rebellion a week or two ago.

        That said, Trump deserves his day in court. And in this fast paced world of centralizing power and influence, to say that it’s wrong to take election issues, including allegations of fraud and other misconduct, to court and discovery thereunder, and to discuss those matters and possibilities in public, is not only extremely unwise, it is foolish, and is plainly against the intent of the US Constitution, how it is set up, and how it is intended to work. Abuse of power is common as mud. Challenge it as permitted and indeed encouraged by the Constitution, and let the process work its will. Don’t bow to bullies. That includes Trump when the time comes.

  8. “Confess that you’re getting together with family and friends and you’re accused of risking lives instead of being praised for being an adult, with the ability to weigh the risks and rewards of your own behavior.”

    If you can’t put the lives of others over your own creature comforts, you are not an adult… it is no surprise you are incapable of understanding…

    • Baconator with extra cheese

      I agree… Dr Governor Coonman should shut down the liquor stores, bars, restaurants, Starbucks, malls, breweries, ice cream shops, libraries, univesities, all sporting events, Apple store, etc…. shut it all down until we find cures for all the communicable diseases.
      Sieze NAH’s 1.8 million to pay for lost wages…. then go after Bezos for the rest.

    • My adult guests for Thanksgiving need not come if they fear for their lives. Oh, wait, they’re all conservatives who can think for themselves so they’re all coming. They won’t be killing anyone, but I’m sure they appreciate the deep concern of Democrats who believe it’s best for the government to decide how they should live their lives.

  9. 1963 was 57 years ago

  10. I had an epic rant on the WaPo Racist Covid post when NN talked about feeling sorry for Repubs believing election stolen (without evidence!), and then went into the usual suspects of Q, etc, because ORANGE MAN BAD. I went to edit (one unclosed quote sign) and apparently didn’t save. Too bad… it was epic.
    Anyway, to pick up on NN and the colloquy between Mssrs. Haner and Fawell.
    I believe CD2 and CD7 might have been stolen. Virginia? I don’t know. I think NoVa may be to VA as Chicago is to IL. But let me explain myself, without any help from Q. This will lead to the “no evidence” bit. The conclusion will be what is the acceptable level of fraud? And, if fraud is not acceptable (think all the slo-mo replays and UVA’s basketball championship and De’Andre tipping the ball out…but it did touch Moretti’s pinky, so UVA ball! Do we really find fraud in the most important element of our citizenship acceptable? Why?)
    I went to bed at 2:30 a.m. election night. Freitas was up 60%-40%. The VA DOE website said 229 of 232 precincts reported. Taylor was up 57%-41%. The national media was saying Fairfax wasn’t in, so don’t be deceived by the Trump lead.
    Well, a lot more than “Fairfax” wasn’t in. Somehow, there was a complete reversal at all levels. And why did VA go offline like the swing states? No one finds it just the slightest bit shady? Or are we so inured to cheating and holding back votes that we just accept it? I don’t. If the VAGOP had a brain (totally hypothetical here), it would do an in depth inspection of all those precincts that VA DOE says reported, but somehow the vote totals weren’t “in.” If for no other reason than to keep people honest. But I will bet you, a dollar to a donut (from 5 cent donut days), that there is a significant amount of fraud in those precincts. Why else engage in the intent to cheat process of holding back? “Landslide Lyndon” did it in 1948. JFK won with the dead from Chicago and LBJ’s cheating machine in TX. So, why is it wrong to suspect some fraud? Why aren’t all voters agreeing with me that any fraud is a travesty? Is it OK to move beyond the denial that vote fraud exists and now wanting to quantify it?
    How much fraud is there? When all the swing states, and VA, go offline and we all awake to an entirely different world, it doesn’t seem strange? Anomalous?
    How many affidavits constitute “evidence?” How many proofs of dead people voting constitute “evidence?” Is the USPS really providing service to Heaven and the Netherworld? I need to improve my opinion of them! How many mail drops “vote?” At Lincoln University in Philly, one PO Box had more ballots than students… Nothing suspicious here at all. Oh, not enough to change the results now… NO! We need to get serious about cheating. And people telling me to give it up, to quit being a conspiracy theorist, to cry RACISM, only makes me think they have something to hide. Sorry, that just makes me an “old white man” who has wisdom from life and knowledge of history. 70% of Repubs believe the election was stolen. Funny, so do 30% of Dems. Why would that be?
    How about this – OrangeManBad did better with “POC” everywhere except Milwaukee, Philly, Atlanta and Detroit. Those cities turned out nearly 90% and at 90% or more for SlowJoe? SlowJoe got 10 million more votes than Obama? Turnout in Chicago and Cleveland more in the 50% range? This seems a little like the FISA warrant report where 37 “mistakes” all went the same way…Precincts reported at 100% and more, including one precinct in Detroit at 350%. Doxxing people who don’t want to approve such “anomalies?” Resisting or eliminating signature requirements? Computer “glitches?” (Hint for the tech challenged – computers don’t “glitch,” they do what they are told.) Refusal to clean up voter rolls? Refusal to allow observation of vote counting? Do you really want to prove true Stalin’s (I think) “it’s not the votes that count, it’s who counts the votes?” Sadly, apparently, the Dems do want to prove it true.
    So, if SlowJoe really wants to be the Uniter in Chief, if he and his supporters really believe he won, what is wrong with verifying it? Then you would shut up people like me. C’mon man!
    There was an unprecedented amount of fraud in this election. I also think a Senate seat was stolen from John James in MI because Michiganders are…wait for it… RACIST! And I’ll gratuitously call certain Marylanders SEXIST for voting for Kweisi Mfume over Kimberly Klacik. But seriously, we need to get serious about voting integrity.
    Same day. Paper ballots. Purple finger. Polls close and immediately transmit how many ballots. Then count the ballots and A plus B plus spoiled/nonvotes should equal the number of ballots.
    Meanwhile…is it really beyond the pale to think that people could use software to cheat? Because of course, human history shows how wonderful and nice people are, amirite?
    And here are some nice little “anomalies” in VA – I don’t know. But what was going on?

    • “Based on Internet blogger “Pede’s” analysis of “votes…”

      Well Hell, that’s good ’nuff for me! What more evidence could one need?

      And…. Q.

      • NN with the substantive reply for the win!
        No, seriously, what is your position?
        A. Vote fraud does not exist.
        B. Vote fraud exists, but is negligible
        C. Vote fraud exists, but not enough to change the outcome.
        D. My guy won, so shut up.
        Underlying all those options seems to be vote fraud is no big deal. You don’t have a problem with vote fraud? What is the acceptable amount of cheating?

        • I’ll go with what Koback (was that his name?) came up with. 18 months. What did he find?

          Yes, there’s registration fraud. Mickey Mouse has registered 10s of 1000s of times. He has yet to vote. But, yes, there are some cases of voter fraud, prosecuted too, even if a clear travesty of justice.

          • So there is registration fraud, but not vote fraud?
            Nobody abuses the unclean rolls?
            How many bad votes does it take for you to care? Dead, non-citizens, people who moved, people who voted in 2 states…
            Is any amount OK?

          • Voted in TWO states? Really? No, really. How? How many? Were there charter flights? Was the Wilson Bridge chockablock on Nov 3? Well, more than usual?
            So some voted for Biden in Virginia and then drove to North Carolina? How’d that work out?

            Oh, yes, black voters! Voted in Detroit AND Toronto.

          • Guess you never heard of vote by mail…
            A JMU kid was charged last cycle or 2016. UVA was very vocal about registering as many as they could. You think none voted in VA and home?
            And why do you bring up black voters? You are obviously a racist.

          • Because one of the president’s suits was to throw out Detroit’s vote, which as Giuliani noted was mostly black, Democrat. Btw, did you vote in Toronto?

            You have evidence of the JMU kid? A msm news article will do. Did Kobach find that?

          • Don’t try to find the story about voting twice. It doesn’t exist. He was charged with “voter registration fraud”.

    • Breaking: Trump scores wins as Michigan legislature, federal appeals court agree to reviews

      “‘President Trump’s campaign said it scored two victories Monday in its effort to contest results in several key battleground states, as Michigan state legislators agreed to hold a hearing into election irregularities while a federal appeals court expedited proceedings to consider Trump’s legal challenge in Pennsylvania.

      The developments were announced by Trump campaign senior legal counsel Jenna Ellis, who said the GOP-led Michigan House would hold its hearing at 9 a.m. on Wednesday.

      “We are grateful to Michigan House lawmakers for not rushing to certify inaccurate election results,” Ellis told Just the News. “We are confident they will share the same concerns once they see the extent of the outright fraud and disregard for the law that happened in Michigan and across the nation. Every American should want to know the truth. …”

      For more see:

      Note Google trying to shut this site out of its search, so must be listening to Virginia’s professional Republicans.

    • The 2nd and 7th….Hey, the GOP ran two previous failed candidates. Give a loser a second chance and he’s a double loser. Nothing personal….but there was little reason to hope for a different outcome given the massive D turnout and spend that was likely. One had been enmeshed in his own cheating scandal, and the other had this habit of forgetting to turn in the paperwork.

      And that Virginia scenario is insane. Just plain stupid. It would put the state’s turnout at about 95%….no, didn’t happen. You people need to take some math classes.

      • I’m not saying the VAGOP is competent. I don’t like the game-playing of holding back votes and it seems to be acceptable among the political classes because it has always been done. If you don’t want me to think you may be cheating, don’t act like you may be cheating. I remain highly suspicious about CD7 in particular.
        On the posted article, I have no idea. I would like to know what the live feeds mean and how they are compiled – but I don’t!
        Meanwhile, can we have honest votes? Seriously, Fairfax, one of the richest counties in the US, and it can’t get its votes in? With all of our technology today, what is the good reason for each precinct not being able to report within 1 hour after the close of voting the number of ballots at each precinct?

        • “On the posted article, I have no idea. I would like to know what the live feeds mean and how they are compiled – but I don’t!”

          Neither do I, which is the BEST reason to NOT accept the story of Pede’s analysis, which you did, but are now apparently seeking reason to retract.

          • No, not really. Someone who crunches data says it is anomalous. I don’t know. Do you know a data expert who can explain it? And it would hurt to look…why?

          • No, someone named “Pede” who says he crunches data says it’s….

            How many unqualifed descriptions are acceptable? None.

          • Unqualified descriptions are unacceptable? Wow…convenient. Still waiting for a straight answer to “is cheating OK?”
            We have audited numbers for public company financials. So auditing suspicious results in voting is somehow not warranted? How does a precinct come in at 350%? How about even 100%? How many UVA students voted in Charlottesville and their home states? Would it be wrong to look? Would that be an honor offense if they double voted? Or does it depend on who they voted for?

  11. Just a reminder. Three days ago I wrote an article noting that Virginia’s new cases per million was 229. Today, we’re at 248.

    The peak in hospitalizations for COVID-19 was 1,536 (per 7 day moving average) on May 15. The low was 848 on July 1. We’re at 1,465 right now.

    The peak of deaths per day was 34 on a 7 day moving average on May 28, we are now at 20 (on the 7 day average).

    Even with a lower mortality rate the spike in cases and hospitalizations will put our 7 day moving average for deaths between 25 and 30 in early December (my educated guess).

    While Virginia (overall) has been spared much of the resurgence, Kentucky has not. That neighboring state has all time peaks right now of cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

  12. Michigan certified, 3,0,1.

  13. Rule 36? (Conflict of interest….) Pretty cowardly to abstain. I can’t speak to other states. I’m getting annoyed about the disparagement of Virginia.

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