Technology Plays Vital Role in Efforts to Get WBO’s Back in Business

All you fellow capitalists and entrepreneurs out there…. we all have a shared interest in getting women entrepreneurs (and other small businesses) hurt by Katrina back in business ASAP:

The Center for Women’s Business Research estimates that as of 2004, nearly half (48%) of all privately-held businesses in the U.S. are owned 50% or more by women, for a total of 10.6 million enterprises. … Since 1997, the Center estimates that women-owned firms have grown at nearly twice the rate of all firms (17% vs. 9%). Growth in employment by women-owned firms has been even more dramatic, 24% compared to 12% for all firms. More….

The National Association of Women Business Owners, a McLean, Virginia based association, has launched an initiative to do just that — an iniative that would not have been possible in the days before web-based applications and WYSIWYG composing.

Leading a collaboration with other organizations serving women entrepreneurs, NAWBO has established a grant fund to make cash grants quickly (can you say “no red tape”?) for computers, business cards, and other things necessary to do business, and has launched a website to accept online donations and facilitate the exchange of resources between businesses. The website also has a blog (!) that will allow folks involved in the collaboration to share stories of hope and opportunity as our colleagues rebuild the economy of the Gulf coast.

There is no question that, without new user friendly technology, NAWBO and others could not have come together to establish a national network, a community of purpose, and an efficient fundraising mechanism all in less than a week. With help from Blacksburg, Virginia based Click and Pledge, NAWBO was accepting online donations in less than 24 hours from thought to execution!

It is a brave new world. We just need to be sure that we keep harnessing the power of technology to good purpose.

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  1. Jim Bacon Avatar

    Good for NAWBO. I wonder how long it will take — and how much paperwork it will require — for the federal Small Business Assistance agency to roll out its own initiative to help small businesses afflicted by the catastrophe.

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