Lots of updates to stories we have been following here on Bacon’s Rebellion:

How to lose in a landslide. The media was all over the story about racist posts by a Corey Stewart campaign consultant. Here’s the lead from the Richmond Times-Dispatch: “Republican Senate candidate Corey Stewart has paid more than $100,000 to a campaign consultant who has called the NAACP a “more violent” version of the KKK and said only a “fool” would start a business in a black neighborhood.”

John Whitbeck, the immediate past chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, had the following reaction: “The Democrats’ only message against us right now is we’re racists, because they don’t have any agenda and they don’t have any message. If you make despicable tweets like that, all you’re doing is feeding the narrative that the Democrats are trying to use against us.”

From every sign I see, Stewart is going down in political career-ending flames. The only interesting question at this point is whether he will drag down the Republican Party with him. Meanwhile, Libertarian Party candidate Matt Waters, where are you? There are thousands of homeless Republicans right now who might want to vote for you — if only they knew you were out there.

Cheaters never prosper. A state investigation has found that a five-teacher cheating ring at Richmond’s Carver Elementary School gave pupils “inappropriate” assistance during Standards of Learning (SOL) tests. Some teachers helped students if they raised their hand or indicated whether items were correct or incorrect, reports the Times-Dispatch. The school had garnered recognition for the high achievements of its poor, inner-city pupil population.

School principal Kiwana Yates, who had received the R.E.B. Award for Distinguished Educational Leadership, has been replaced, but remains in the employ of the Richmond school system.

Will they strike or won’t they? In continued negotiations with its labor unions, Washington Metro management has agreed to raise wages for office employees and to stop outsourcing 31 of 271 janitorial jobs. In exchange, AFL-CIO Office and Professional Employees International Union Local 2 agreed to let Metro raise the health care insurance contributions of its members, creating a savings for the money-losing mass transit organization of $2.3 million. Said General Manager Paul J. Wiedefeld: “We didn’t get everything we hoped for and neither did Local 2; however, this agreement fairly compensates employees while reducing Metro’s costs.”

Standing up for intolerance. Two historians have resigned from the University of Virginia’s Miller Center to protest the appointment of Marc Short, former legislative affairs director for the Trump administration. Melvyn P. Leffler and William I. Hitchcock said the appointment runs “counter to the Center’s fundamental values of nonpartisanship, transparency, openness, a passion for truth and objectivity, and civility.”

“Democracy today in the United States is in peril,” they wrote, according to the Washington Post. “… We must not normalize or rationalize hateful, cruel and demeaning behavior. When we see things to be wrong, we must speak out and take a stand.”

So, the solution to Trump’s partisanship is to trump it with ever greater partisanship? The response to Trump’s intolerance is to demonstrate even greater intolerance to those associated with him?

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8 responses to “Tasty Bacon Morsels of the Day…”

  1. Stewarts’ people probably didn’t check into him before they nominated him. Why people aren’t asking why the school system still employs the person or in what capacity is beyond me.
    What do you expect from them? Its the same type of stuff. There’s a #movingon type of group with Dems who are as sick of their party and left.

  2. Regarding Mr. Short’s term as a fellow at the Miller center: as a spokesman for the unspeakable he has been highly distasteful to listen to. But does he have insights to share? Whom do you believe? Here is a quote from the WaPo article this morning:

    “The center has long represented informed dialogue, said Douglas Blackmon, a Miller Center faculty member and incoming senior fellow, but in this case, it didn’t follow its principles. “It was a highly unwise thing for the Miller Center to barrel ahead extending its imprimatur and its brand to a person whose record is really unknown other than his public commentary — which may have been what Marc Short really believed, may have been what he was directed to say, may be somewhere in between,” said Blackmon, who is remaining at the center.

    “L.F. Payne, a former Democratic congressman from Virginia with deep ties to the university and who serves on the Miller Center’s governing council, said he knows Short from when they were colleagues at the law firm McGuireWoods and has tremendous respect for him. Short, a graduate of U-Va.’s Darden School of Business, is someone whom Payne described as deeply thoughtful, with integrity, strong convictions and respect for other viewpoints.”

  3. Steve Haner Avatar
    Steve Haner

    I was disagreeing with Michael Paul Williams last week so I’m happy to point to his very correct assessment in today’s TD that the students are the huge losers here, and the behavior of their teachers demonstrated a disappointing bias just as reprehensible as the cheating. High expectations can and will produce better results – they were selling the children short.


  4. LarrytheG Avatar

    re: the GOP didn’t know about Stewart… ummmm… they did… but this might be a very useful election for determining solid Trumpsters and hard core GOP numbers in Virginia.

    re: Short/UVA… bad example to students – Nope… a LOT of students feel exactly the same way… somehow some folks think people that are 20 years old are “empty vessels” susceptible to nasty liberal dogma and such – as if they don’t have minds of their own… and opinions and views… except of course for the Young Republicans on campus who are brilliant… and much smarter…. har har har

    1. In hindsight, maybe Gillespie should have targeted Senate race.

  5. LarrytheG Avatar

    re: teacher cheating…. hang them high… no excuses.. I’m quite sure that teachers in choice/voucher schools would NEVER do such a thing..right?

  6. CrazyJD Avatar

    >> I’m quite sure that teachers in choice/voucher schools would NEVER do such a thing..right?

    What is your thing with voucher schools? Are you afraid of them?

    Of course, people are people everywhere, subject to the same temptations to lie, cheat and steal. What you don’t seem to recognize is the difference in accountability options with voucher schools vs. public schools. What are the remedies for the poor kids in the public schools? Can their parents take them out in response to a Carver and put them in a different public school? The answer is obvious; they can’t, at least not without moving out of Carver’s district. And how many of them are in a financial position to do that, I wonder?

    Contrast the voucher school. When parents don’t like the product, the voucher school will see the dust and taillights of folks leaving in droves. End of voucher school. Now. Not after some governmental body stands by to make sure everyone has endless due process and tenure protection.

    And please don’t trot out the tired argument that there won’t be enough voucher school slots, etc etc. That canard was quickly disposed of when Judge Merrighe issued his deseg order in the early 70’s. The market virtually overnight created more private schools than could possibly ultimately succeed, just to meet the demand, albeit misguided, from parents who didn’t want their kids in desegregated schools.

    1. LarrytheG Avatar

      re: ” What are the remedies for the poor kids in the public schools? Can their parents take them out in response to a Carver and put them in a different public school?”

      Actually in favor of choice/voucher schools but held to same standard testing, transparency/accountability.

      Yes… teachers are human and some of them are like others in society who also don’t do the right thing.

      But you’ll find that most of them not only don’t want the poor kids – they don’t want to be held accountable also.

      I FAVOR competition.. lets get it on – and let the ones that can do the job better – win… but in order to do that – you got to have apples to apples so we
      actually KNOW they ARE better. Otherwise – it’s just a joke.

      The TRUTH of the matter is that we are most segregated now that before!

      Report: Public schools more segregated now than 40 years ago


      So in a place like Henrico – which has dozens of schools.. guess what?

      In many of those schools SOLs are good and there is no cheating..either but in other schools in the SAME school district the SOLs are terrible so why – if you have the SAME people in charge of all those schools and the people in charge have the ability to get rid of principals AND teachers.. and replace them with “Good” principals and teachers… ???

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