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Bad Times at Richmond Jail

by Jon Baliles

If anyone knows what the hell is going on at the Richmond City Jail, please raise your hand. Stand up. Write it down. Grab the mic. Something. Anything.

In a bizarre series of stories in recent days, people are dying, guards are getting beaten, and strange and awful things are happening at the City Jail. The slow drip of bad news has turned into a torrent of stories — none of them good. Sheriff Antionette Irving is invoking the opening of the Miranda warning on herself by not saying much of anything while charging the media absurd fees to get information about even basic records, whether they are subject to the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) or not.

Luca Powell at the Richmond Times-Dispatch tried to get basic payroll records and was told the work to find that information would cost $1,385 by tasking four people to do the work at $98 per hour. Continue reading