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I Agree with DEI… This Much

John Dewey, prophet of the Progressive education movement, which is now in its flailing, floundering senescence.

by Dr. A. Schuhart

The foundational warrant of “Progressive” DEI educators to transform American Education is that the education system is fundamentally a racist construction, and we need to dismantle it. This warrant is the only part of the DEI argument that I accept as true. And it is a damningly ironic truth for DEI proponents to contemplate, for the fact is, the American Education system today, as it stands, is an expression of Progressive (aka Socialist) Education theory that was instituted after World War II. It is not the theory of Education that evolved in tandem with American Democracy, and Science, itself.

No, our failed education system is a socialist imposition. It is not based in the observable and rational understanding of human cognitive development that is the foundation of Democratic Education theory, practice, and design. Instead, it is an authoritarian model of control, a completely deductive model at that. The purpose of this national socialist education is to transform American society into the ideal that socialists ignorantly serve. Thus, Progressive Education is not dedicated to individual merit and accomplishment, it is not dedicated to individual discovery and self-creation, it is not dedicated to serving the individual equal human being, and it is certainly not dedicated to serving truth. Continue reading