A Surplus of Definitions

Commonwealth Conservative

has a good round-up of coverage on the burgeoning state “surplus.” The comments section shows us that the various political positions don’t really even agree on what the surplus is.

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  1. Phil Rodokanakis Avatar
    Phil Rodokanakis

    See today’s article in the Washington Times, “Surplus Exceeds Warner’s Estimate.”

    Isn’t it ironic that Warner who’s been completely discredited by enacting a $1.4 billion totally unnecessary tax increase is now portrayed as cautioning legislators holding back from spending the surplus?

    Oh I forgot, we have some $6 billion in unmet needs…

  2. Barnie Day Avatar
    Barnie Day

    Warner discredited? I think not. He was clearly the catalyst in a bipartisan coalition of House and Senate Republicans and Democrats who worked together to, among other things, preserve Virginia’s Triple AAA bond rating–no doubt one of the reasons Virginia was named this week as one of the top two best managed states in the country. Virginia governors have no vote. In Warner’s case he didn’t need it. He had level-headed Virginia Republicans doing the heavy lifting for him.

  3. Who sounded the alarm? Clearly it was Governor Warner and his budget advisors who claimed it was necessary to raise $1.4 billion in higher taxes last session. That turns out to be quite a stretch. So yes, I think its fair to say Governor Warner has been discredited. Can someone else come up with more polite terminology?

  4. The problem is, as I discussed in a post above, the tax increase WASN’T 1.4 BILLION!!!!

    Legislative services scored the budget last year and decided that it increased revenue by 351 million in FY 2005. That’s it.

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