Mark Herring: “The rise in violence and hate against Asian-Americans has to stop.”

by James A. Bacon

Asian Americans living in Virginia have been able to rest easier since March knowing that Virginia’s Attorney General Mark Herring has entered the the battle against anti-Asian hate crimes. Not only did he set up a website, NoHateVa, in which he proclaimed, “The rise in violence and hate against Asian Americans has to stop,” he even led a discussion with attorneys general from other states on how to halt the epidemic.

Asian Americans might derive even more comfort from the fact that the Stop-Asian-Hate meme is a figment of Herring’s fevered imagination.

The Crime in Virginia 2020 report, published by the Virginia State Police, indicates that Virginians of Asian ancestry are far less likely to be crime victims than Whites or Blacks. Only six Asians were victims of hate crimes based on their race last year in Virginia — out of a population of roughly 440,000. I suppose Herring could claim that that represents a 20% increase!!!! from 2019, when there were only five such victims, but when the odds of being the victim of a hate crime are one out of 70,000, an increase of one additional incident won’t keep many Asians hiding in their basements. (Five other Asians were victims of hate crimes, but not because of their race.)

Oh, by the way, only a tiny fraction of all hate crimes involved physical injury. Of the 190 hate crimes reported in 2020, 88 involved vandalism, 60 simple assault (physical attacks that fail to cause bodily harm), and 36 intimidation. Only 10 incidents involved aggravated assault. (The Crime in Virginia 2020 report doesn’t break down those categories by race.)

The fact is that Asian Americans are far less likely than any other racial group to be crime victims. That’s largely because most violent crime is intra-racial, occurring between people who know one another, and Asians suffer from far less social pathology and criminality than either Whites or Blacks. Only one Asian was murdered in 2020 compared to 173 Whites and 350 Blacks.

Asians are far more likely than other groups to obey the law and conform to social norms. Based on arrest records, they are less likely to get drunk and abuse drugs. They do not rob or burglarize people. They rarely beat their spouses. They are less likely to resist arrest. They are less prone to violent outbursts of temper that culminate with violence.

Only 102 Asians were victims of aggravated assault last year, compared to 5,700 Whites and 6,200 Blacks. Similarly, only 44 Asians were classified as victims of sex offenses, compared to 3,200 for Whites and 1,100 for Blacks. Only 106 Asians were victims of robbery, compared to 1,800 Whites and 1,400 Blacks. Bottom line: Asians encounter only a tiny fraction of the violent crime than would be predicted by their 5% of the population. It’s not even close.

I would conjecture that Asians, based on their lived experience, are far more likely to be aware of these realities than a super-woke White politician like Herring who lives in a media bubble in which memes like #StopAsianHate never encounter contradiction. Most Asians likely see him as the insufferable virtue signaler that he is.

Indeed, I would wager that most Asians in Virginia are far more concerned about the widespread sentiment that there are “too many” Asians in the state’s elite public schools and the discrimination against Asian Americans in higher-ed admissions… you know, the kind of policies that Herring supports indirectly by promoting preferential “racial justice” initiatives for other minorities. There may be anti-Asian hate, but it’s not coming from White Supremacists, and it’s not reflected in hate crime statistics.

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14 responses to “Stop Asian Hate? What Hate?”

  1. Donald Smith Avatar
    Donald Smith

    Someone should ask AG Herring if he’s heard the term “Roof Koreans.”

  2. Publius Avatar

    He means the academic Asian hate at TJ Tech in NoVa and in the Ivy League, right?

  3. Dick Hall-Sizemore Avatar
    Dick Hall-Sizemore

    Nice use of available data, Jim.

  4. DJRippert Avatar

    This was a Democratic croc from the start. The Dems had two problems. First, their “white privilege” narrative was being shot full of holes by the success of Asian Americans. The overwhelming success of Asian Americans was going to force the Democrats to claim “White-Asian privilege”. That would never do. If there is one thing Democrats agree on it’s that no minority group ever be de-victimized. Their second problem was that by pandering to other minority groups they were hurting Asian Americans. Two easy examples – the lottery system being implemented at majority-Asian Thomas Jefferson and the hubbub over canceling fast track math in public schools.

    So, the Democrats concocted a story. Evil Donald Trump used terms like “the Asian flu” and this started a tidal wave of Anti-Asian hate. This effort was conditioned on a re-definition of “hate” to include hazy concepts such as “shunning”. Conflating hate crimes with nebulous ideas such as “shunning” allowed the Democrats to attempt to make the illusion of skyrocketing Anti-Asian hate crimes a talking point. Voices in the liberal echo chamber so to speak.

    Now Jim Bacon has looked at the actual numbers and – guess what – Anti-Asian hate CRIME is vastly lower (per capita) than hate crime against other racial groups in Virginia.

    One would think that Attorney General Herring would be focused on Anti-Asian hate CRIMES in Virginia. But that would tip over his carefully constructed false narrative.

    Bottom line – it appears that Herring has joined Northam among the ranks of Democratic politicians from Virginia who don’t waste a lot of time with the truth.

    1. LarrytheG Avatar

      So this sounds like a fertile opening for Youngkin, right?

      Is he making an effort to win over the Asian votes?

      Also – like when we consider what Black folks feel about racism – do we care what Asians themselves think or is it just a culture war thing between old white guys?

      1. DJRippert Avatar

        You should ask Gary Pan, the candidate running as a Republican in the 34th District (my district) against lily white Democrat Kathleen Murphy.

        1. LarrytheG Avatar

          I have to say, with the exception of his stance on TJ, the rest of his positions are about as generic as they can be.

          transportation: ” Fixing our transportation problems must be a priority in Richmond. Gary will fight to ensure that our community finally gets its fair share of transportation funding and develop smarter approaches to alleviate traffic. We need to expand and improve public transit and to reduce commute times across the entire district.”

          Gary – what steps will you advocate for to accomplish these goals?

          healthcare: ” Gary is concerned about the rising cost of healthcare and prescription medication. Gary will focus on finding ways to introduce more competition in the healthcare market so we can drive down costs and receive better care. Gary also believes we must protect those with preexisting conditions so they can get access to the care they deserve”

          Gary – Do you support ObamaCare and the Medicaid Expansion? yes or no?

          typical GOP pablum…. I don’t even think he’ll win the Asian vote!

          1. DJRippert Avatar

            Your anti-Asian hate is noted. I will report you to Mark Herring.

          2. LarrytheG Avatar

            Did you know that almost no low-income Asians are in TJ?


            surely there are bright and talented low income Asians also, no?

          3. WayneS Avatar

            There are almost no low-incomes “anyones” in TJ.

          4. LarrytheG Avatar

            correct. Are their talented low-income Asians in NoVa ? Are they being discriminated against?

          5. DJRippert Avatar

            Here is his Democratic opponent’s website. The last blog entry is from 2017. In the issues section she writes about working with Governor McAuliffe (in his first term). Not sure what to say, Larry. Maybe you can find a more current site. I searched on “Kathleen Murphy for Delegate”


          6. LarrytheG Avatar

            Don’t you think folks already know her record?

            Is this the site you’re alluding to:


            Looks like she’s active on social media too.

            But what is the challenger saying he is going to do that she has failed to do?

            What is he promising to change?

  5. Eric the half a troll Avatar
    Eric the half a troll

    “The Crime in Virginia 2020 report, published by the Virginia State Police, indicates that Virginians of Asian ancestry are far less likely to be crime victims than Whites or Blacks. Only six Asians were victims of hate crimes based on their race last year in Virginia — out of a population of roughly 440,000. ”

    This still puts Asians at an order of magnitude higher risk than the white population (28 out of roughly 5.9 million).

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