Solid, Prescient, Calm and Alarming…

Barnie Day has reviewed “Boomergeddon” over on Bob Holsworth’s “Virginia Tomorrow” blog. Barnie doesn’t like the cover… make that, he hates the cover… but he praises what’s inside. Here’s the juiciest nugget:

The cover not withstanding, Boomergeddon should be required reading. Period.

This is not some policy Pooh-Bah’s slanted screed, although Bacon can hold his own on policy eight days a week, but rather a non-partisan, numbers-driven analysis of the goddamn mess we’re in, written in easy, rhythmic, anecdotal, pedestrian language that Jenks, my yellow lab, could follow.

The case Bacon makes is solid, prescient, and simultaneously calm, reserved, and alarming; we’re doing ourselves in.

Thanks, Barnie.

By the way, Barnie’s new e-book, “The Last Pahvant,” is for sale on I haven’t read it yet… but I will.

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