Sign of the Times…

The Herald-Progress and the Caroline Progress, community weeklies serving Hanover and Caroline counties, are going out of business. The final editions will be distributed today.

The Herald-Progress has been publishing for 140 years, the Caroline Progress for nearly 100 years. The two weeklies were staffed by six full-time employees. The newspapers were no longer commercially viable, said R. Jack Fishman, president of the Tennessee-based Lakeway Publishers Inc., according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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2 responses to “Sign of the Times…”

  1. LarrytheG Avatar

    Got word yesterday that the Free Lance Star no longer has enough staff to cover the Board of Supervisor meetings in Spotsylvania County and perhaps Stafford County .

    They will still cover the City of Fredericksburg.

    Perhaps we were/are all spoiled and were content to let ADs pay for our news and will not pay for news directly.

    I’m told that subscribers pay enough to pay the rent and utilities and a receptionist and not much more…

    of course these days most of what we hear about is the “lying media” anyhow… so no great loss, eh?

    1. The G;oucester/Ma6hews Gazette Journal is still going strong. And, you know, the availability of broadband around this part of Virginia is crappy. Maybe there’s a direct connection between those facts.

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