Side Boobs and the End of Civilization

The war against the much-dreaded and thoroughly feared side boob, has been temporarily avoided:

Police plan to drop a misdemeanor obscenity charge filed against the manager of an Abercrombie & Fitch clothing store that displayed two photos of scantily clad men and a woman, a city attorney said yesterday.

Police said they confiscated the photos from the Lynnhaven Mall store Saturday after some customers complained and Abercrombie management did not heed warnings to remove the images of three shirtless young men, with one man’s upper buttocks showing, and of a woman whose breast was mostly exposed.

One can only imagine how many tickets Virginia Beach police issue to beachgoers who dare to expose such body parts during the high season… to protect the children, of course.

Update: I took the liberty of adding one of the offending images (with the racier aspects tastefully blurred). Alas, the “side boob” image was so tame — far milder than you could find by typing “Jessica Alba” and “side boob” into Google — that it wouldn’t inspire enough prurient interest to warrant reproducing here. — Jim Bacon.

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(comments below)


  1. Jim Bacon Avatar

    Norm, you’ve just expanded my vocabulary. I’d never known there was such as phrase as “side boobs.” How marvellously descriptive!

  2. Norman Leahy Avatar
    Norman Leahy

    You can thank “Family Guy” for bringing the term to my attention (yes, I watch the show…crass “Simpsons” rip-off though it may be).

    And it also seems I’ve sent you on a rather interesting round of Googling, Jim…

  3. Larry Gross Avatar
    Larry Gross

    I think you can use a form of that word to describe VaBeach’s finest…

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    Jeez Jim,

    Can’t you runthe picture bigger? Can’t see anything.
    Peter Galuszka

  5. Jim Bacon Avatar

    Peter, my advice is to go to Google, then type in “Jessica Alba” and “side boobs.”

    … Actually, I was making that up. Just to be on the safe side before I posted this comment, I tried it myself — this is a family blog after all. I don’t recommend it. Pretty raunchy stuff!

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