Shucet Resigns

The resignation of Phil Shucet as VDOT Commissioner, announced today, has to count as disappointing news. He was a breath of fresh air in the Virginia bureaucracy.

Our gubernatorial candidates ought to be asked things like, “Who in Gov. Warner’s cabinet would you like to see stay on?”

Since he was hired at the end of a half-year national search, Shucet has avoided partisan entanglements and has won respect and praise from Republicans and Democrats in the General Assembly.

Warner said he felt Shucet may have stayed longer if Virginia were not the only state in the nation not to allow governors to serve successive terms.

“Part of the struggle is to get people to stay on to the end of your term,” the governor said.

If Shucet had bi-partisan support, Warner’s would-be successors should have mentioned it. Shucet said he resigned for personal reasons; it would be a shame if he resigned, as Warner hints, because he didn’t think the next governor would keep him in place.

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  1. Yeah…it’s tough if you have children and you want some job security (I’m not sure if he has any).

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    I understand Shucet has a large family, never moved his home to Richmond, and really is going in order to return to his previous life. He can make far more with less hassle in the private sector. He would have had many supporters urging the next governor to keep him, but there are never guarantees. He is one of the good ones and he will be sorely missed.

  3. Steven Avatar

    Phil Shucet is a first class act, nice fellow as well.

    He’s been a good VDOT commissioner and will be missed.

    ~ the blue dog

  4. Jim Bacon Avatar
    Jim Bacon

    One could argue that Philip Shucet single-handedly accounts for half the administrative cost-cutting that has taken place during the Warner administration. He has cut staff by more than 1,100 (about 11 percent) and cut payroll by $67.5 million — a record no one else has came close to matching — all the while improving VDOT’s performance as measured by jobs completed on time and on budget. (Admittedly, VDOT’s performance had been pretty darn bad when he arrived.) His philosophy: “VDOT needs to be a high-performing agency — not a big one.”

    Shucet also set an excellent personal example. In the old days, VDOT commissioners held court at VDOT headquarters in Richmond. Shucet literally spent more time on the road, getting close to the situation, than he did in Richmond.

    He truly will be missed.

  5. Steven Avatar

    Is there anything to be read into the fact that Philip Shucet is not sticking around for the a Tim Kaine victory … or defeat?

    I’m 100-percent positive candidate Kaine has mentioned Shucet as a valued member of his future transportation team.

    Question for Jim Bacon: Don’t you remember Kaine discussing Shucet at the VaLCV and VCN event jeld at Barboursville’s Vineyards last year?

    And any bloggers who attend the event and would like to comment…

    ~ the blue dog

    Btw, I’ll send you something about the Northumberland Oath soon.

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