Senator Warner’s mail-ordered bride

With not much press fanfare, a Republican Congressional debate has come full circle and is being made to sound like the right friends in right places, or perhaps it’s a case of friend’s rights, or what’s left of the mail-ordered leftovers?

“COME ON DOWN!” Mr. Charles Abell … you’re the next appointment director on the Senate Armed Services Committee. Apparently, the Price is Right with DC politics.

The Blue Dog’s conservative friends should demand to hear who barks the loudest about ‘Congressional Nearsightedness’ — including those lame post-911 security background checks concerning the new majority staff director of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Which should be required especially after finding out our ‘sleeping-at-the-spinning wheel’ Senator is busy closing bases in Virginia. ‘Ooh, say can’t you see’ the unemployment lines around DC — and Hampton Roads and Norfolk?

Senator John Warner has gone spinning around and around, where he stops … Nobody knows?

~ the blue dog

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  1. Sebastian Shirer Avatar
    Sebastian Shirer

    Not to go off thread but thought you all might be interested. Republitarian has some hilarious and poignant take on Matt Lohr and his run against Lowell Fulk for the 26th District House seat.

  2. subpatre Avatar

    Not to go off…. and then do it anyway.
    The only poignancy is that someone thinks it’s hilarious.
    Off topic and a lame attempt at humor too. Boo hiss.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Oh I don’t know subpatre, I think we should thank easy street for pointing this site out to us. And I’d like to thank you as well for the definition so that we can better appreciate the information on the republitarian’s website:


    Pronunciation: (poin’yunt, poi’nunt), [key]
    1. keenly distressing to the feelings: poignant regret.
    2. keen or strong in mental appeal: a subject of poignant interest.
    3. affecting or moving the emotions: a poignant scene.
    4. pungent to the smell: poignant cooking odors.

    “Poignant” would seem to be a good description of candidate lohr’s apparent value set. Especailly definition number four. (I wouldn’t refer to food though)

    And the photo caption contest is really pretty funny, as is the political cartoon. I’d say that whoever put the site together did us all a service.

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