Senator Warner vs the Congressional Black Caucus

by Paul Goldman

After the stories about Senator Mark Warner trying to be the John Hancock of the revolution against President Joe Biden hit the national news wires, a leading member of the Congressional Black Caucus called me on my cell phone.

“Is this Warner the guy who the Virginia Democratic Party claims ran Doug Wilder’s campaigns?” he asked. “How could a guy who ran Doug Wilder campaign be so brain dead about Black politics?”

Then he asked, “Paul, are you sure you told the truth about Warner in your book Remaking Virginia Politics?“

 I did what I could to defend Mark whom I consider a friend of many years. But it was of course clear to me he had made a terrible blunder in thinking he could be the face of any coup against President Joe Biden. And, yes, the attempt by Warner, the nation’s media and the Hollywood elites to drive Joe Biden off the Democratic ticket is the first presidential nomination coup in American history.

Even Republicans back in the Watergate scandal days treated President Richard Nixon better than Democratic lawmakers are treating Joe Biden. Mr. Biden’s detractors in one breath praise him for his policies, and then in the next publicly humiliate him by saying he lacks the mental and physical ability to run a presidential campaign much less serve in the Oval Office four more years. So, yes, the CBC member has a legitimate question: what the hell was Mark Warner thinking and why did he think it?

 Let’s understand the rationale given by Mr. Warner and his coconspirators. To save our democracy, the Democratic Party elites, led by Democratic Virginia Senator Mark Warner, the left-leaning cable news commentariat, and the nation’s leading Democratic editorial pages and columnists, say a coup is justified against sitting Democratic President Joe Biden. As the president himself noted today, he won the nomination by a vote of the people in an open process that Mr. Warner and others at all times could have joined. But they lacked the guts to do it.

In 1968, youngsters like me got behind anti-war candidates challenging President Lyndon B. Johnson for the Democratic presidential nomination. We were vilified by the establishment. But at least we had the courage of our convictions.

If you listen to do those trying to coup President Biden, they claim they’re doing this as great patriots and at a great sacrifice in order to save our democracy from the man who would be King. This leads to the obvious question: Why would Mark Warner think he was a greater patriot than the commander in chief?

 Let’s cut to the chase: Mark Warner made terrible miscalculation. His public rationale and sneaky approach can only hurt Biden and help Donald Trump. It’s difficult for me or anyone else knowledgeable in politics to believe Mark and his anti-Biden cohorts failed to understand this reality.

So you ask: Why did he do it?

My answer: Governor Warner would never have made such a blunder.

But Senator Warner, the product of the better part of two decades in Washington politics, is a different politician now. He no longer listens to the people, but rather the donors. It reminds me of the great scene in the movie, “Charlie Wilson‘s War,” when the former Texas congressman, played by Tom Hanks, was asked about his reputation on Capitol  Hill.

“I’m considered one of Israel’s top people in Congress,“ said Hanks.

“But  you don’t hardly have any Jews in your district,“ was the response. or words to that effect.

“Members of Congress don’t represent people,” said Hanks, “We represent donors. My donors come from New York, Miami, and Hollywood,” he said, not his rural Texas constituency.

 Given the comedic strain in the movie, of course the lines were not intended to be taken literally. But they were effective because they spoke to what Americans increasingly believe: In Washington, money talks, and the big donors talk the loudest. They surely talk loud enough to drown out the voice of the people.

Just today, famed Hollywood icon Rob Reiner called on President Biden to drop out of the presidential race. Like Senator Warner, he didn’t do it because he lacked affection for Mr. Biden or disagreed with his policies on the whole.

Donald Trump has gone out of his way for months now to tell Democrats that if he gets back to the White House, he will use all the powers of the presidency and all the institutions of government to seek revenge against those he considers his enemies. Yesterday, Florida GOP Senator Rubio told the American people not to take Mr. Trump‘s threat literally. Trump, he said, doesn’t keep an enemies list like Richard Nixon. I don’t know anybody who believes a word of that. Steve Bannon is going to spend his next four months in prison compiling the list.

So, I get it: Senator Warner, Mr. Reiner and the other elites in the Democratic Party feel they will be a target should Trump return to the Oval office. Senator Warner knows how to read a poll. The polling data is not favorable to Joe Biden at the present moment. On an historical basis, no incumbent with President Biden’s anemic approval rating has ever been reelected.

David Axelrod, the CNN commentator who ran Barack Obama’s two successful presidential campaigns, is saying he believes there’s a good chance Biden will lose in a landslide. Warner knows that should this happen, the Republicans are likely to win majority control of the Senate. Even if the Democrats would regain a majority in the House of Representatives, a GOP Senate majority would have the constitutional authority to the pack the judiciary for life with Trump appointees.

Accordingly, I’m willing to give Mark the benefit of the doubt in terms of his passion to save a Democratic Senate Majority being overwhelmed by a brain cramp. But unlike Joe Biden‘s detractors, I’m not going to ask Mark to take a cognitive test to see whether he still has the mental abilities to be United States Senator.

He did something politically stupid. I’ve been in politics long enough to say I’ve done some dumb stuff myself. Not this dumb but dumb enough. He and the others have hurt President Biden’s chances of winning, they can’t deny that, and they can’t deny they knew that when they did it.

But more importantly, we need to understand why the blunder was made. This would never have happened if we Democrats remembered we are supposed to be the party of the people and not the Hollywood donor elite. President Biden made that very point today.

This never would have happened if Warner and others accepted the fact they needed to talk to everyone, particularly black voters who are the most loyal Democrats, before presuming to speak for the people.

So yes, the member of the CBC is correct. No one who really ran Doug Wilder’s campaign could’ve ever made such a blunder. Other blunders perhaps but not this one.

However, what is done is done. President Biden has been damaged. There’s nothing any of the elites can do to take it back. That’s reality.

Is it a fatal blow in the final analysis? In all candor, it’s not possible to know at the present time. We can presume the upcoming Republican National Convention will feature Senator Warner, and the others in their new role as Fox News’ favorite Democrats.

We should get a better read on what damage has been done to Joe Biden in the polling done in the aftermath of the GOP convention. It could be substantial. Democrats need to brace for that.

President Biden is a fighter. He has been knocked down more than most people who have ever managed to become President. Fair or not, the comments of folks like Senator Warner cannot be wished way by the White House. They will need to be addressed.

President Biden is going to need to show the American people that Warner and others are rival politicians who had a political motive to say what they said.

Let’s be clear on this: As much as I admire President Biden, and as much as I enjoyed playing a role in helping to turn around his campaign in South Carolina four years ago, I’m quite clear eyed at the challenge facing Democrats right now.

Former President Harry Truman was right. He advised those in national politics who thought they needed a friend to get a dog.

I suspect the 2024 president campaign — as nasty as it has been to date — may very well get exponentially nastier in the coming months. I see there are no guard rails anymore.

And in all honesty, if President Biden would say in a couple of weeks from now that he’s talked it over with his family, and they simply are so sick of the damn thing they are just going to enjoy the rest of their lives out of the public eye, I wouldn’t blame him one bit.

I’m running for city council in Richmond, and already I’m being warned that the Mayor’s pro-Casino forces who smeared me with anti-Semitic comments for leading the winning fight against them and all the Democrats that trashed me over the years because I’ve stood up to the establishment, are going do everything they can to defeat me. And I’m just running for city Council!

I agree with my friend Senator Tim Kaine: Joe Biden‘s a good man, he’s a great patriot, he brought America back from a pandemic depression and we know he’s going do the right thing for our country.

Paul Goldman is former Chair of the VA Democratic Party, a candidate for mayor of the City of Richmond, and author of “Remaking Virginia Politics.” 

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38 responses to “Senator Warner vs the Congressional Black Caucus”

  1. James Wyatt Whitehead Avatar
    James Wyatt Whitehead

    "And, yes, the attempt by Warner, the nation’s media and the Hollywood elites to drive Joe Biden off the Democratic ticket is the first presidential nomination coup in American history."

    Sorry Paul. The first nomination coup in American history occurred in 1844. It was orchestrated by the sly Henry Clay. William Henry Harrison abruptly keeled over shortly after his inaugural address. In comes the Virginian John Tyler, who campaigned with Harrison as a Whig but was really a Democratic Republican. His veto pen aroused the anger of the Whig party who promptly expelled him. Without a party Tyler attempted to organize his own party but eventually endorsed the winner, James Polk. I like Polk. One of the only presidents who delivered on his campaign promises. Perhaps the last Jacksonian president. But then again there is Lincoln.

    Fun Fact: John Tyler has a living grandson, Harrison Ruffin Tyler, aged 95 and maintains the Tyler estate Sherwood Forest. A must see if you are into historic plantations.

  2. walter smith Avatar
    walter smith

    Well…that certainly is a political analysis from a partisan D view.
    Not addressed – Biden is not there. He was not there in 2020. People knew it then and had him campaign from the basement while the dropbox/Covid/flood the world with "ballots" (that became votes) and Zuckerbucks and pulled the incompetent, grifter fabulist over the line, and then have resorted to drastic measures (lawfare) to stop any honest inquiry and chill future attacks on their vote stealing excellence. His not "there"ness has now reached undeniability.
    I certainly do not attribute noble motives to Warner. He is looking out for his interests. But does any D actually care about the country? (Rhetorical) All the Ds care about is power and they are willing to do anything to keep it.

  3. One of the best comedy routines I've read since the classis "Who's on First "

  4. LarrytheG Avatar


    We've got these competing perspectives. The GOP sez that Biden was/is a "terrible" POTUS for all the bad stuff he did but at the same time he was "out of touch"… geeze… was he "effective" and did bad stuff or was he "out of it"?

    No question, the Dems are split big time and part of it is who they are running against. If the GOP candidate were a more conventional person, and the POTUS not given virtual unlimited immunity, the Dems and Biden might do things differently and that goes for Warner and others, but we no longer live in that world.

    The GOP has largely been taken over by Trump and MAGA but not all GOP are on board and I doubt he'll get more votes no matter who the Dems run. Most everyone knows what Trump offers and I don't think saying it more often will bring additional voters, actually may lose some. Dems will vote the Dem ticket. GOP will vote the GOP ticket and the election will hinge on what the "independent" middle decides. But I can see some GOP voting Dem.

    We're about to see the GOP convention. Let's see if they get a bump and how much,

    1. Eric the half a troll Avatar
      Eric the half a troll

      “No question, the Dems are split big time…”

      Actually the numbers say they are not. 5 representatives out of how many…? Oh and Reiner… 🙄

      1. LarrytheG Avatar

        it'll settle down – the Dems have always been a diverse party with a lot of different perspective but they know which party they want to govern.

      2. VaPragamtist Avatar

        I think D's are more split than is apparent, but few are willing to say so publicly. Concepts in Diffusion of Innovation theory can be applied here. We're in the innovator/early adopter phase.

        The "coup" could very possibly could die off because of the uncertainty: Biden off the ticket is only half the equation. Then what? Who replaces him? The D's (and D donors) need an alternative to unite behind. That's what Warner is missing.

        A coup without a replacement results in anarchy, and no one wants that. But a coup in favor of an alternative is something tangible in which D's see the relative advantage.

  5. Dick Hall-Sizemore Avatar
    Dick Hall-Sizemore

    What nonsense! A coup? Give me a break!

    1. Eric the half a troll Avatar
      Eric the half a troll

      Exactly what I thought. Heaping on hyberbole does no one any good… except Trump and his cohorts…

      1. LarrytheG Avatar

        I don't think any Dems, no matter how disaffected they are, will vote for Trump. They might stay home but at the end of the day, if they think staying home elects Trump, they're gonna be in a pickle. So much easier for some GOP to stay home and not be so conflicted?

        1. Eric the half a troll Avatar
          Eric the half a troll

          Been looking at the infamous polls. Trump never gets over 45-48%. There is some hope there believe it or not.

          1. VaPragamtist Avatar

            You'll recall much of the shock on the morning of November 9, 2016 came from assumptions made about the polls. The 2024 polling numbers look even closer than the same time frame in 2016 , and are certainly within the margin of error.

          2. Lefty665 Avatar

            At this point in the 2020 race Biden was 10 points ahead of Trump and never trailed him. Today he is 6 or more points down. That is a big change, and while not immutable, beyond the margin of error.

          3. LarrytheG Avatar

            I think he not only will not gain more, but he will start to lose votes and more people pay more attention and realize the immunity thing.

            It's beyond me that apparently some folks in the country actually want to dismantle the govt but they apparently do.

          4. Lefty665 Avatar

            Not much. You need to remember the polls include other candidates. Because of that no candidate is polling over 50%. Biden consistently gets lower numbers than those you cite for Trump. The 80% of voters who feel Biden is too old (and demented) to be Prez is a meaningful number.

            <i>"There is some hope there believe it or not."</i> NOT. Being in the cult of Joestown and clutching at straws qualifies as delusion that goes with Biden's dementia, not hope. You're a bright guy and I hope you will come to your senses. But in the meantime, thanks for the laughs. 🙂

  6. VaPragamtist Avatar

    He means "Mark Warner" in the first paragraph, right? I definitely got confused pre-coffee with the references to the late senator, Doug Wilder, and Black politics.

    And what does any of that have to do with Biden? Maybe if Goldman included some polling numbers that show Biden with a high approval rating among Black voters? But one probable consequence of Biden dropping out is that Harris gets the nomination.

    "the attempt by Warner, the nation’s media and the Hollywood elites to drive Joe Biden off the Democratic ticket is the first presidential nomination coup in American history."

    Let's set aside that Biden isn't yet the nominee (can pledged delegates stay in their hotel rooms during the first ballot?). Goldman's statement isn't even accurate in the modern (Trump) era. Following the Access Hollywood video in October 2016, calls from elected officials, the nation's media, and Hollywood elites to drive Trump off the Republican ticket were louder and more widespread than today's calls against Biden.

  7. energyNOW_Fan Avatar

    Well I would simply say Warner's name is seemingly no longer in the news…apparently the initiative did not gain momentum. Some say this Biden issue must be settled this week, but time is required to get through the stages of grief, and acceptance. Warner for President, somebody should say.

    1. Lefty665 Avatar

      It's not that it did not gain momentum, Warner cancelled it because it became public. Yet it became public because his own office announced it. Go figure. Although it was briefly a reason for hope, that Warner would actually be a force for enlightenment was too good to be true.

      Somebody might say Warner for President, but anyone with any sense would say No Way. Warner is right down there where Biden was when he had something that passed for a brain. Not too bright. There's plenty of that around, we don't need any more of it.

  8. f/k/a_tmtfairfax Avatar

    RFK, Jr. He's not Biden or Trump.

  9. DJRippert Avatar

    Maybe Mark Warner is concerned that senility doesn't reverse and doesn't plateau. Maybe the good senator is worried that Biden today will look almost clairvoyant compared to how he'll look in 2 or 3 more years if re-elected in November.

    Not if (but as) Biden continues to mentally deteriorate, what will the Dems do if he wins in November?

    Allow him to bumble and bungle in public as his condition inevitably worsens? By the third or fourth year of his second term it will become a real Weekend at Bernie's remake. How will that look to the voters? How will the voters look at the senior Democratic leadership that let that happen?

    Hide him from the American people and let Dr. Jill be president? In other words, pull an Edith Wilson? The cat's out of the bag now. Any hiding Biden will be seen for exactly what it is – a lame attempt to hide a senile man put forth by the Democrats as their presidential nominee. How will that look to the voters?

    Have him resign and let Kamala Harris become president? How will that look to the voters? An obvious "bait and switch"?

    Invoke the 25th Amendment and force him out of office? How will that look to the voters? An obvious "bait and switch"?

    Mark Warner and the rest of the sensible Dems know that their biggest risk isn't Biden losing in November, it's Biden winning in November.

    I'm sure people like Paul Goldman think they can spin anything and gaslight the majority of Americans if Biden is reelected. Maybe Biden will just have a four year long cold. Fortunately for America, there are politicians like MArk Warner who care enough about the country to want to prevent a man in serious mental decline from being president for the next 4 1/2 years.

    1. LarrytheG Avatar

      there is some confusion. NO Dem, EVERY is going to vote from TRUMP no matter what. Whoever runs as a Dem will get their votes up and down ballot! They vote for the ADMINISTRATION – the team the Dem POTUS has put together. The only real question is the middle voters and whether they will vote for either Dem or Trump or not at all or for 3rd party. Some GOP is going to vote Dem, no question.

    2. LarrytheG Avatar

      there is some confusion. NO Dem, EVERY is going to vote from TRUMP no matter what. Whoever runs as a Dem will get their votes up and down ballot! They vote for the ADMINISTRATION – the team the Dem POTUS has put together. The only real question is the middle voters and whether they will vote for either Dem or Trump or not at all or for 3rd party. Some GOP is going to vote Dem, no question.

      1. DJRippert Avatar

        Ahhh …. the ole "management by team" theory. Unfortunately, that doesn't work under our Constitutional Republic. No member of the Administration can stop the president from doing whatever he or she pleases.

        Meanwhile, people with increasing senility often become more aggressive, more stubborn, and more paranoid. Biden has already lashed out at "the elites" in the Democratic Party who want him off the ballot. Apparently, Biden now has Hunter attending meetings with him.

        If you want to understand why "management by committee" doesn't work for a person with the power of the presidency, study the last months of Woodrow Wilson.

        I wouldn't vote for Jill Biden for dog catcher. But we're likely to get President Doctor Jill if Joe Biden is re-elected.

        Re-electing Biden is like giving a loaded machine gun to a 12 year old.

        The best anyone can hope is that nothing will happen.

        1. LarrytheG Avatar

          re: ” Unfortunately, that doesn’t work under our Constitutional Republic. No member of the Administration can stop the president from doing whatever he or she pleases.”

          and there you have the problem with Trump but it doesn’t work that way with Dems. Dems do govern by more than one guy. Folks like Biden listen to their advisors, they get a consensus from the advisors – he doesn’t tell the advisors what to support or else he will fire them. Big Difference!

          How many advisors has Biden fired? Zip!

          Virtually no Dems will ever vote for Trump no matter who the Dem guy/gal running is. The best that others
          can hope for is that some Dems and middle voters stay home.

        2. Lefty665 Avatar

          There have been reports about Biden's fits of rage during his briefings. People are reportedly adding or deleting things because "He'll like that" or "That will set him off". The quotes included that people briefing him "are scared s***less".

          Just who we need with his fingers on the nuclear trigger. But it's all ok, he's got the smartest guy he knows, Hunter, there at his side. 4 more years, screw you elites!

        3. WayneS Avatar

          I wouldn't vote for Jill Biden for dog catcher. But we're likely to get President Doctor Jill if Joe Biden is re-elected.

          Or President Hunter (smartest guy Joe knows) Biden…

      2. DJRippert Avatar

        It's not 2024 that Warner fears, it's 2026, 2028 and beyond.

        1. LarrytheG Avatar

          WHy? is it for him or the Dems or what?

          I don’t think he lusts after higher office.. I could be wrong but he just doesn’t strike me as that political.

          1. WayneS Avatar

            I have no love for Mark Warner, but I think he is concerned about the future of the country and the world.

            [cue anti-Trump rant/lecture]

          2. LarrytheG Avatar

            We agree on Warner. Just stating some plain realities on Trump. We know well who he is and what he
            promises to do and did do when POTUS. Those who don’t admire those actions will never vote for him, not even some long-time GOP and Conservatives.

  10. Lefty665 Avatar

    <i>"Even Republicans back in the Watergate scandal days treated President Richard Nixon better than Democratic lawmakers are treating Joe Biden. Mr. Biden’s detractors in one breath praise him for his policies, and then in the next publicly humiliate him by saying <b>he lacks the mental and physical ability to run a presidential campaign much less serve in the Oval Office four more years."</i></b>

    Nixon was just evil. Biden is demented, and it will only get worse. Biden will not get better. That is why his public appearances since the debate debacle have been so brief and carefully scripted/teleprompted. Left on his own he is a constant demonstration of the heartbreak of dementia.

    I for one do not praise Biden for his policies (Afghanistan, inflation, et al deserve praise? Really?). However, I certainly do assert that Biden lacks the mental capacity to run or serve. I recall Obama's (perhaps a black person) observation back in the days when Biden had something that at least resembled a brain "Don't ever underestimate Joe's ability to f*** things up" Today that would qualify as profound understatement.

    The rest of Goldman's post goes downhill from there. What utter blather. The cult of Joestown is the successor to Jonestown and the koolaid equally fatal. With advocacy like Goldman's the Dementocrats will find themselves so far out in the wilderness it will take them a long long time to get back to civilization.

    1. Stephen Haner Avatar
      Stephen Haner

      Goldman and Biden can have adjoining rooms in the memory ward.

      1. Lefty665 Avatar

        Oh, oh, I like that! Can they have chairs side by side for their beach excursions too? Will they take Wilder along with them? Surely he's about ready to retire.

        1. WayneS Avatar

          Maybe they can do a weekly podcast of their conversations as they sit on the beach and talk about the old days.

  11. Lefty665 Avatar

    The Dementocrats are uniting. The House Dementos rallied behind demented old Joe and were cowed by the CBC to rally in Joestown and drink the deadly Kool-aid (it's never been better). Goldman's faction of the Dementocratic party is prevailing, at least for the moment.

    The country understands senile dementia when it sees it. That is reflected in the 80% of voters who think demented old Joe is too old and demented to be Prez. The country does not like Giggles any better than demented old Joe.

    You may see a theme developing here. It will not be pretty.

    Expect ads that will run incessantly from now until November with Trump looking at demented old Joe like he crawled out from under a rock and commenting "I don't know what he said at the end of that last sentence. I don't think he does either". Then cue the clips of demented old Joe blather.

    Expect "We beat Medicare" to feature along with all the other demented old Joe blather like "My uncle Bosey was eaten by cannibals" and other bon mots. There's a career full, and the rate is increasing.

    Expect endless repeats of demented old Joe's lies. While he may be not quite as egregious as Trump, that does not mean he tells the truth. Things like inflation was 9.4% when I took office, or I was raised by Puerto Ricans, or I drove an 18 wheeler, or I beat Corn Pop with a chain, or I was arrested with Nelson Mandela, or I finished in the top half of my law class, or Hunter is the smartest guy I know. There are lots of them.

    Expect clips of demented old Joe standing rigid and staring blankly, or shaking hands with the air, or not knowing how to get off the stage, or calling on dead people, or seeing something shiny and wandering off from what he was doing.

    Expect repeats of demented old Joe riding up and falling off his bicycle interspersed with old Laugh In clips of the guy wobbling around then falling over on his trike. Those segue to clips of demented old Joe falling on stage, to falling repeatedly up the stairs to air force 1, to Jill having to help him off the stage at the debate, to demented old Joe trying to sit where there was no chair, and Jill holding him up. A Chevy Chase cover will do his Jerry Ford falls featuring demented old Joe on Saturday Night Live.

    Expect also repeats of demented old Joe's failure to understand decimal places. I created 15,000 jobs, uh 15 billion jobs, uh 150 million jobs.

    The demented old Joe ads almost write themselves, and I don't like Trump. The reminder for Trump's campaign should be "It's demented old Joe, stupid" (comma optional).

    Expect that every time they let demented old Joe out of a controlled environment he will add new grist to the demented old Joe is too old and demented to be Prez mill. Expect that at least some of the media will be paying attention and reporting.

    Expect that Giggles will do her best to further demean the office of VP. Will they be able to train her to suppress her maniacal giggle or perseveration (often caused by brain damage) on a phrase? Just as Duhbya dispelled the myth of white supremacy will Giggles successfully dispel the idea of black equality? Remember, she was so bad at campaigning that she dropped out of the primaries before the first vote was taken.

    Expect that we will hear plenty about Trump's faults. Some of it will actually be true. Much will fall under the category of hysterical He's Hitler!! TDS demagoguery.

    Expect that forced to choose between senile dementia and pathological narcissism in someone they do not especially like, that voters will elect the candidate with a living brain over one who is brain dead every time. The country is not that stupid.

    Expect that demented old Joe will be even further lost in dementia and so far down by election day that he will suck the Dementocrat ticket down with him. That includes Congress and state legislatures along with the White House. They may be a long long time crawling back to civilization from the demented old Joe & Giggles wilderness.

    Congrats Dementocrats you are cinching the election for Trump and the demolition of your own party. Is that really what you want, or are you just too spineless to stand up for what you can see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears? Have you no self respect?

  12. Clarity77 Avatar

    Very simple, Warner foolishly thought he could convene a private meeting away from the public eye. But when it became front page news he decided to cut and run. Obviously a coward.

  13. Clarity77 Avatar

    For Warner to even think of replacing Biden is an affront to the party that preaches diversity! Shame on him for not supporting cognitive diversity!

    1. Lefty665 Avatar

      Thank you so much for framing the issue correctly! Shame on me for thinking poorly of the Dementocrats. Are his pronouns it and its and are we now to respect LGBTQ+CD rights? Clearly this advances the goal of Equity by eliminating differences in outcome on the basis of cognitive ability. Where presidents pave the way surely doctors and airline pilots will be quick to follow.

      It has precedent. Nixon defended his nomination of Clement Haynesworth to the Supreme Court saying in response to criticism that mediocre people deserve representation on the court too. Cognitive Diversity before it was a thing. If only we'd appreciated how forward thinking Nixon was at the time.

      Perhaps we should have an annual award. We could call it the Millard Fillmore Award for Excellence in Cognitive Diversity (MF for short) with demented old Joe as the first recipient and inscribed with his motto that so aptly celebrates and perfectly illustrates cognitive diversity "We beat Medicare". Or, should we honor demented old Joe for his groundbreaking assertion of cognitive diversity in office by naming the award after him?

      Strangely I am suddenly feeling a compulsion to watch "Idiocracy" again.

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