“Schools as Racial Justice Engines”

If there is the slightest doubt in your mind of what the Northam administration has in mind for Virginia’s public schools, just register for the latest #EdEquityVa Webinar on the topic, “Schools as Racial Justice Engines.”

Here’s the description of the Virginia Department of Education-sponsored webinar:

Trauma Informed Care for Racial Trauma and Strategies to Support the Unique Needs of Black Students in Schools

Corresponding Equity 5 C(s): Compassionate Family and Student Engagement, Culturally Responsive

Speakers include Charles A Barrett, the lead school psychologist with Loudoun County Public Schools, and Danielle Apugo, an education professor at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Personally, I think that schools best fulfill their role as “social justice engines” by actually providing an education, as in, ensuring that kids are literate and numerate enough to function in society. But that’s just me.