Sausage Arrives!

A bad day at work today was wiped away when I got home and found my copy of Notes from the sausage factory in the mail. Notes is the just-published anthology of essays on Virginia politics co-edited by Barnie Day and Becky Dale.

The book looks great. I know that it has been Barnie’s labor of love for quite some time. It was Barnie who pounded the pavement, worked the phones, the shot the emails to snag the contributors and keep them on deadline. He and Becky can be justly proud of its look and contents. One thing I didn’t expect was the photo section–Del. Bob Marshall (R-Manassas) behind the camera and Barnie writing the captions. Strange bedfellows, indeed!

I’m jumping around reading the essays, but it’s all good. You can get your copy from the exclusive distributor: Bacon’s Rebellion.

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(comments below)


  1. rural not stupid Avatar
    rural not stupid

    Where can the book be bought?

  2. Jim Bacon Avatar
    Jim Bacon

    To buy the book, just follow Will’s link to the Bacon’s Rebellion “Books” page. Bacon’s Rebellion is the exclusive outlet for “Notes from the Sausage Factory.”

  3. Steve Haner Avatar
    Steve Haner

    Bob Marshall’s contribution alone makes it worth the read. Some of us have known for some time how funny he can be, but I didn’t know he could do it on paper.

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