Russ Potts Gets Great Press

Third party gubernatorial candidate Russ Potts didn’t need to be in the debate to get his message out. Bob Lewis of the AP, after writing up the debate with a balanced look at both Kaine and Kilgore, then rushed to do a full story just on Potts’ reaction. It’s on the Times-Dispatch website.

It’s obvious that Potts is almost exclusively an anti-Kilgore candidate. He whined,

“I thought it was a sad commentary on democracy in Virginia when a candidate for governor doesn’t have the courage, the conviction or the confidence to get on a podium with the two other candidates for governor.”

If this is such a bedrock principle, it’s curious why Potts doesn’t criticize Kaine for lacking the courage to refuse a debate in which Potts can’t participate.

Potts’ transportation stand would seem marginally closer to Kilgore than Kaine, but Potts only criticizes Kilgore:

He would have demanded Kilgore and Kaine say how they would pay for any substantive highway improvements since both offer initiatives that rely on constitutional amendments that could not take effect before 2009.

But the nominees addressed the issue anyway. Kilgore said he would sign no tax increase legislation not first submitted to a referendum. Kaine said he would veto any tax bill passed before dedicated transportation funds are protected by a constitutional amendment.

“I’d oppose the referendum because you spell referendum C-O-W-A-R-D, coward,” Potts said.

At least with Kilgore’s plan, there’s a chance that a tax hike Potts is itching to impose could take effect before 2009. But, it’s cowardice to submit it to voters! It’s much more courageous to wait until 2009 for a potential constitutional amendment before raising taxes.

The real winner of the debate may have been Potts, not a master debater, but a master media manipulator.

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  1. Will Vaught Avatar
    Will Vaught

    A debate for the future of Virginia, in West Virginia? Essentially equivalent to a Presidential debate being held in Puerto Rico, heh? Therefore it’s only appropriate for the one candidate who actually stayed in Virginia to get strong coverage.Is it at all possible that Russ will start getting more attention, due to the fact that thus far this is one dud of a Governor’s race? Potts could make this race somewhat entertaining, and make Kilgore actually do something (or say something) of subtance in order to win.

  2. Barnie Day Avatar
    Barnie Day

    Will, good morning. It seems to me that if this debate does anything it will shape the balance of the campaign into a referendum on Warner. I’m surprised on two fronts: that Kilgore wants to do that; that Kaine hasn’t already done it.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Barnie: I don’t think the D’s are wise to base their stategy on hanging onto Mark Warner’s coattails. More telling than these debate stories was Deed’s response last week to the McDonnell “I’m more pro-business” news release. The Deeds camp responded Deeds is more pro-business because Deeds backed the Warner tax increases that “the business community” wanted. That may be true for some in the business community, and many in the spending lobby, but anybody who thinks support for a tax increase translates into electoral victory is in for a shock. They better give the voters something else. Many voters may forgive the tax increase and focus on other issues, and it is notable that Kilgore is not promising to roll any of it back, but far less than 50 percent plus one are going to reward anybody for voting for it.

  4. Virginia Centrist Avatar
    Virginia Centrist

    Actually, I’ve been going door to door and talking to voters for months. In Northern Virginia, they don’t mind the tax increase and thought it showed real leadership…

  5. Dave Burgess Avatar
    Dave Burgess

    Mr. Day and the MSM still ignore the FACT that Potts is a liar and fraud. What kind of moral message do we send out when we as a society ignore profoundly immoral behavior as demonstrated time and time again by Potts?

    Why can’t Mr. Day and the MSM have the courage to stand up and support truth rather than bow to Potts’ shenanigans and give him any credence?

  6. Abitmorered Avatar

    Wait a minute…

    Virginia Centrist was I dreaming or didn’t Northern Virginians overwhelmingly defeat a transportation “tax increase” referendum just a while back? Just who have you been talking to and how many “doors” have you knocked on to give you the impression that “Northern Virginians” are willing to accept a tax increase?

  7. MR JMS Avatar

    An interesting study came out in 2003 that the referendum failed for one major reason; voters did not trust the government. The thought of approving a transportation tax that would surely be used for other purposes was unacceptable. That however does not mean they would not accept a tax increase IF the GA was honest about its use.

  8. Ray Hyde Avatar
    Ray Hyde

    Mr jms is correct, I believe.

    I’m in favor of building (and paying for) roads provided a) the area is not already saturated with roads and streets, b) a reasonable current or near term demand can be demonstrated (not too difficult, these days) and c) we don’t get ripped off by poor construction management or crooked contractors.

    Even so, I voted against the referendum for the reasons mr jmr stated. The referendum presented a non-plan with unaccountable management and no guarantee the money woulod not be used elsewhere. It was merely another attempt to get NOVA to pay more than its share for state funded roads at a time the current state system had clearly failed the area.

    You could not trust such a plan, and it was inequitable too boot.

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