Report to Agitators, Bomb Throwers and Rebels

Many thanks to the readers who contribute monthly to Bacon’s Rebellion via the subscriber button atop the left-hand column. I want you to know how your donations have contributed to the blog.

First, we have migrated Bacon’s Rebellion to a new hosting platform that promises much faster page-loading speeds. If you found the blog frustratingly slow before, you should enjoy the new experience. I suspect that the lethargic download speeds had been discouraging people from visiting the website, and I’m hoping for an uptick in page views.

Second, we have created a mechanism for separating our news articles (based upon original reporting) from our commentary (opining upon the reporting of others) and posting the news on its own page, which can be accessed via the “News” button on the blog’s navigation bar. We don’t expect this feature to be particularly valuable to readers — you can read the same articles mixed with commentary on the home page as you always have — but it should increase the blog’s visibility for aggregators of news content. The result should be greater exposure for the blog.

No Bacon post would be complete without a bottom line, and the bottom line is this: Thank you, faithful readers, for supporting the blog financially. Your donations are making a difference.

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One response to “Report to Agitators, Bomb Throwers and Rebels

  1. The “thanks” IS reciprocal. Than YOU for sharing your journalistic efforts and skills (which are substantial) as well as most of your commentary. 😉

    Seriously – you’ve provided an invaluable forum for reasonable and thought-provoking discussion.

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