The Rebell Bacon

Excerpts from “The declaration and Remonstrance of Sir William Berkeley his most sacred Majesties Governor and Captain Generall of Virginia


“I am of opinion that itt is onely for divells to be incorrigable, and men of principles like the worst of divells, and these he hath, if truth be reported to me, of diverse of his expressions of Atheisme, tending to take away all Religion and Laws….”

“Perhapps I have erred in things I know not of, if I have I am soe conscious of humane frailty, and my owne defects, that I will not onely acknowledge them, but repent of, and amend them, and not like the Rebell Bacon persist in an error, onely because I have comitted itt, and tells me in diverse of his Letters that itt is not for his honnor to confess a fault…”

“I will take Councell of wiser men then my selfe, but Mr. Bacon hath none about him, but the lowest of the people….”

“I doe therefore againe declair that Bacon proceedeing against all Laws of all Nations modern and ancient, is Rebell to his sacred Majesty and this Country…”

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2 responses to “The Rebell Bacon”

  1. James Atticus Bowden Avatar
    James Atticus Bowden

    Okay, fess up. Are you kin or not? Just taking advantage of the name?

    My confession – to the best of my knowledge I am not related to Cicero’s friend, or the Patriarch of Constantinople or Herodes Atticus the orator.

  2. Jim Bacon Avatar
    Jim Bacon

    Just taking advantage of the name. The historical record suggests that Nathaniel Bacon died childless. In any case, my Bacon ancestors hail from Delaware, not Virginia. The first Bacon in my family arrived on the shores of Delaware around the same time that Nathaniel set foot in Virginia, so they might have been kin back in Merrye Olde England, but that’s pure speculation.

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