Rapid Response Not Always a Panacea

Tim Kaine is being praised for not letting the “attack ad” aired by the Republican Governor’s Association go unanswered. I wonder, though, if the “answer” doesn’t open Kaine up to more attack ads. “Turned Richmond Around” isn’t a theme that I think will resonate with most Virginians. To the extent that the City of Richmond is in the news for budget battles and crime, it’s hard to make the case that it got “turned around.”

I still think Kaine’s best selling point is “Warner, Con’t.”

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(comments below)


  1. Terry M. Avatar
    Terry M.

    Kaine continues to not impress me, but at least this time he seems to be thinking first then acting. He has often been reactionary.

    Here’s a tidbit…a call came for my oldest son last night. A very distinct Indian (east) voice asked for him and ended the call quickly when I said he was not there. Caller ID? “Kaine 2005”

    Maybe it wasn’t offshored…but it sure gave that impression.

  2. Steven Avatar

    Come on, you’re pulling the dog’s tail.

    Is really Kaine outsourcing his campaign calls? If so, that’s a new one.

    Can anyone verify it? Or debunk the post?

    ~ the Blue Dog

    (Btw, I need to start spell checking these web log post, maybe outsourcing is the solution.)

  3. Terry M. Avatar
    Terry M.

    Honestly, I can’t prove anything…just writing what happened. Could well have been a volunteer in NoVA where many, many cultures are represented.

    I do not know if it was from an offshore call center or not…it just felt like one. I think it is worth checking into.

  4. Whatever.

    There’s no way in hell Kaine is offshoring his call center.

    This is exactly the problem with blogs…

  5. Will Vehrs Avatar
    Will Vehrs

    Just as an aside, in the “Warner, Con’t” vein, Gov. Warner just got back from India. A few days later his Secretary of Commerce and Trade, Michael Schewel, delivered a speech in Lynchburg, I believe, defending “outsourcing/off-shoring.”

    Obviously, Democrats don’t want the word out that some of their own are ok with jobs shipped to India … it sounds so … Republican ….

  6. Outsourcing jobs is awesome. I’m all for it.

    But there’s no way that a candidate for office actually outsourced their call center to india…

  7. Sorrel Avatar

    I assume that there are plenty of Virginia Democrats and Republicans who have Indian accents. as a Republican I say welcome aboard.

    I don’t think you can assume very much about “out-sourcing” just becasue of a caller’s accent. Man – I just got a call from one of the Republican campaigns and I swear the guy had a Texas accent.

  8. Anonymous Avatar

    “Thinking first then acting?” I live in a 70 percent R precinct in Chesterfield, in a household that would show up as hard R on any list. I got the slick door hanger from Kaine that the TD recently editorialized about. My wife met the campaign worker at the door and said the tattoos on the backs of his calves were a bit much. (Shorts?) Then we got the recorded telephone call. In the door hanger (which is a very nice piece of work) there are references to the 2004 tax fight on three of the four panels, praising himself for supporting it or knocking Kilgore for opposing it. There is a strong “Warner, Con’t” panel. But my nose tells me that taking credit for the 2004 tax bill is a loser. You can argue it was necessary, less of a big deal than the hysterics would have you believe, it is another thing entirely to state it was a Good Thing. If it were my campaign I’d say, “it was painful but we did it because we had to and because we did it we shouldn’t have to do it again for the foreseeable future. The challenge now is to spend it on the stuff that counts.”

    If Kaine is trolling for votes in my neighborhood and not ignoring the obvious R households, that means something. Either it means he is hard up to find his 50 percent plus one, but it might also mean his polling so some real softness for Kilgore. Tattoo Boy would lend me toward the first conclusion.

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