Racism Case Settled

The Amet family and Cape Henry Collegiate have settled their differences arising from an incident in which school officials suspended 16-year-old Connor Amet after accusing him of expressing white supremacist statements in class. The school and family released the following statement.

Cape Henry Collegiate and the Amet Family have met regarding a recent issue that resulted from a classroom discussion. It became the subject of a letter from the Amets’ attorney that subsequently appeared on the Bacon’s Rebellion blog. Without commenting on the letter’s content or the incident that precipitated it, the School and the Amet Family are both satisfied after our meeting. Cape Henry seeks to foster an inclusive environment on our Virginia  Beach campus where we focus on individual students and their success, both in the classroom and in life.

The letter, republished here, described from Connor’s perspective how teachers and administrators had incorrectly imputed racist sentiments to his words in a classroom discussion about immigration, berated him repeatedly, and suspended him.