Rabble Rousing at Its Best: Bacon’s Rebellion

Aesthetes of the world, why trouble yourself with those mangey, lesser blogs when you can indulge in the very finest of social agitation and political perturbations at the Bacon’s Rebellion e-zine? You can view the July 2, 2007 edition right here.

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Here are this week’s offerings:

Midlothian Leviathan
The impact of a Midlothian commuter rail project on the Richmond region could be enormous — if Chesterfield County puts into place the necessary zoning and special tax districts.
by James A. Bacon

Double Shot
Virginians are finally debating the convoluted new law that punishes “abusive drivers” twice: with fines and fees. A little late, but better than never.
by Doug Koelemay

Still No Exit
Earth is the only biosphere we’ve got. Gliese 581-C-A, the closest potentially earth-like planet yet discovered, is 20 light-years away. We must build a sustainable civilization here at home.
by EM Risse

Slow and Unsteady
Economic growth will slow in Virginia next year. Short-term, we must restrain state government spending to match. Long-term, we need to devise a fix for boom-bust budgeting.
by Michael Thompson

A Party Divided Shall Stand
Discord in the Republican Party is a sign of healthy struggle between the People and politicians who have been co-opted by the political system.
by James Atticus Bowden

Annoy a Politician
Bypass the political establishment: Support an Initiative & Referendum amendment to the state constitution.
By Norman Leahy

Nice & Curious Questions
The Tribes of Virginia: American Indians in the Commonwealth
by Edwin S. Clay III and Patricia Bangs

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2 responses to “Rabble Rousing at Its Best: Bacon’s Rebellion”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Re: James “Atticus” Bowden’s apology for the GOP:

    Hey, sport, there’s a reason the Republicans are in the dog house. They are bereft of new ideas. They can’t just recite the no tax mantra anymore, and the hidden racism, and expect what most Virginians want, a great state with world class schools and universities and decent roads and decent jobs. The demographics of the state are changing fast and it is no longer a little country club of WASP elites (or those who think they are). The GOP hasn’t addressed this yet. This is why the Democrats have won the last two gubernatorial elections. They are more businesslike and more in tune with what the new Virginians want.
    So, “Atticus,” your Ole South is a faded memory. A new Virginia beckons and it’s a hell of a lot better than the myths you wannabees so believe in.
    And Merry CHRISTmas to you.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Shhhh. Let him enjoy his delusions — they work to your advantage. He won a couple of battles in June — and will lose the war in November (and November of 2008, too…and maybe 2009.)

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