Questions about VDOT’s On-Budget/On-Time Performance

VDOT construction project. (Click for more legible image.)

The Virginia Department of Transportation is doing its best job of delivering projects on budget and on time since FY 2010. According to VDOT’s most recent quarterly report, the department had 340 maintenance and construction projects due for completion during the October-December quarter. Of those, 77.1% were completed both on time and on budget — edging out its target of 77%.

Stated Governor Bob McDonnell in a prepared statement: “I’m pleased
to report that VDOT is on-time and on-budget for all VDOT-managed construction and maintenance projects during this quarter. This is especially significant since so many additional projects and project phases are under way following our historic investment in transportation made during last year’s General Assembly session, advancing more than 900 projects.”

It’s good to know that VDOT performance is meeting goals. Kudos all around. But the governor’s statement leaves a few questions unanswered.

  • Now that VDOT has met its 77% target, is it realistic and appropriate to raise the target — say, to the 83% on-time/on-budget performance of the 2Q of FY 2009?
  • The on-budget/on-time performance was the best since FY 2010. Gosh, that means it was the best in six quarters. Not exactly earth shaking news. Indeed, the question arises, why did VDOT performance dip in FY 2011, when only 66% of projects came in on-time and 68% on-budget?
  • While we’re on the subject, how does the most recent quarter compare to years before FY 2010? VDOT has been tracking performance for nine years now. How does current performance stack up against the best performance recorded?
  • Given the fact that bids are coming in 15% or so under official VDOT estimates, why are any projects coming over budget?

Bacon’s Rebellion — asking the questions nobody else asks.

Update: To answer some of the questions above, it seems that VDOT hit 80% on-budget/on-time in 2007 and maintained that level for the next two years. So, my new questions are (1) what caused performance to dip in 2010, and (2) why would the McDonnell administration bring attention to an issue that no one was asking about?


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7 responses to “Questions about VDOT’s On-Budget/On-Time Performance”

  1. under whose administration did VDOT begin it’s reporting for budget and completion performance?

  2. Credit Philip Shucet under Gov. Mark Warner.

  3. give that man a cigar!

    bonus question:

    which Gov signed the UDA law?

  4. and the VDOT 527 traffic analysis

  5. The 527 was Tim Kaine. It was about the only thing I liked about his administration, but it was a major positive step in my opinion.

  6. So …BOTH Warner and Kaine DID contribute to improvement of VDOT and Transportation in Virginia?

    and neither of them got tax increases for transportation unlike McDonnell?

    so McDonnell is said to have done more for transportation , correct?

  7. DJRippert Avatar

    Warner and Kaine were men of words. McDonnell is a man of action.

    Surprise, surprise … that is so often the case for those who come of age in Northern Virginia.

    Thomas Jefferson was a man of words. George Washington was a man of action.

    Keep these distinctions in mind as you consider Bill Bolling (a man of words) against <>, a man or woman of action.

    RoVa is the past. NoVa / Tidewater is the future.

    Why is this hard?

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