PSSST! Notice the Heat Outside?


oly Cuccinelli! In case you haven’t noticed, much of the U.S. is experiencing record summer heat and it’s only early June.

A new study by Stanford University scientists say that hotter summers are something we’re going to have to get used to unless a lot more is done to limit atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations.

Middle latitudes in areas such as the U.S., China and Europe will see extreme summer shifts within 60 years unless steps are taken regarding global warming. Tropical areas in Africa, Asia and South America is will see “the permanent emergence of unprecedented summer heat,” the report says.

Just to show the potential impact, in large parts of the globe, the coolest summers of the future will be hotter than the hottest summers previously. The Stanford scientists tracked 50 climate model experiments and ran computer simulations to come to their conclusions.

Naturally, the climate change naysayers will likely say that the Stanford people are just an extension of the East Anglia scandal and should be ignored, or investigated for fraud and prosecuted.

Maybe they should leave their air conditioning and step outside.

Meanwhile, under pressure from business groups and conservatives, the U.S. does nothing to rein in carbon emissions. Any meaningful legislation has been scuttled. No carbon caps. No nothing.

Just more accusations of fraud at the UN’s storage depot for climate change documents at a small British university. And, of course, Ken Cuccinelli and Bob Marshall with support from new, right-wing think tanks, continue to harass scientists who are saying humans have something to do with the changes.

Maybe they better investigate Stanford, too. Another of its studies says that scientists alarmed about global warming tend to have higher academic qualifications than those who do not.

Time to call the Cooch!

Peter Galuszka

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