Those who would like to see a dramatic color graphic that illustrates the importance of the Fundamental Change in governance structure that is advocated in our Backgrounder “A New Metric of Citizen Well-Being” at, check out Page B 2 in the Sunday 7 January 2007 WaPo (the second page of Outlook).

In recent years, WaPo has done as good a job on political payola and on the incredible federal farm subsidy quagmire as they have done a bad job on the need for Fundamental Change in human settlement patterns.


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8 responses to “PROOF POSITIVE”

  1. E M Risse Avatar

    Well, well, well!

    Here we are face to face with a clear demonstration of why citizens need to live in the real world and not some digital virtual space.

    Almost all of us know this from our experience with close personal contact but here is a graphic example:

    Jim Bacon pointed out that there should be a link to the graphic noted in this post.

    Yes, but…

    I turns out there is not one we can find on the WaPo web site. On further review, it would not be possible to create one. You have to see it in the flesh, as it were.

    If I took a picture of it with my 10 mpix D-200 and projected it, the graphic could not be read. If I took a JPEG of the graphic and sent it as an attachment, it could not be read.

    Here is a word description:

    In the printed form it is 12.5 X 15.5 inches. There are 18 small color pictures of congressional leaders from both the 109th and the 110th congress. Down the middle there is a pot of $1.7 Billion from large corperate donors. Running from the pot to the list of 30 + key leaders are red and blue streams of cash with dollar amounts, committee assignments and other details.

    The title is “Cash Flow: Congress Changes Hands — or Does It?”

    The sub head reads: “Sure, the Democrats have taken control of the Capitol. But corporate donors tend to be colorblind when it comes to giving away campaign cash. With big Business backing both side of the aisle, is the 110th really all that different from the 109th.?”

    Reporting by Karen Yourish, graphic by Laura Stanton. Great work!

    You have to see it to believe it. And so do voters.


  2. Anonymous Avatar

    EMR – Just a different set of hypocrits in charge. Nancy Pelosi inserted an exception to the ever-critical (to Democrats) bill boosting the minimum wage. The Democrats’ bill exempts American Samoa from the higher minimum wage. It appears that a big tuna company, HQ’d in San Francisco, operates a plant in American Samoa. One more sweetheart deal!

  3. E M Risse Avatar


    And todays WaPo reprots that discussion of real relief from the donut hole and other problem with the seniors drug plan was killed by fear of the drug lobby.

    What was it we said in “A New Metric for Citizen Well Being”? Oh yes, toss our all encumbants, it is the only language they understand. It is the only way Fundamental Change will occurr.


  4. Ray Hyde Avatar

    Wouldn’t it be a lot easier just to put the budget on the back of our tax forms, so each can allocate THEIR money the way THEY want to see it spent?

    How hard is that?

    It would eliminate any question about “what the people want.”

    It would take the lobbyists out of the picture, or else convert them into lobbying the people instead of the representatives.

    It would eliminate a lot of haggling in the GA.

    It would save money.

    And then maybe we could go and actually get some work done.

  5. Ray Hyde Avatar

    Ed and I don’t agree on many things, although we start from the same premises.

    I vote neither republican nor democrat, but my first impression is to always vote TIO. Throw Incumbents Out.

    Only if someone is exceptional, am I likely to vote to keep him.

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    Here is a link to the WaPo Outlook graphic on industry contributions to Congress:

  7. E M Risse Avatar

    And I have been saying bad things about Anon posting!

    Anon 11:20: Thank you for the url!

    Boy was I worng. The url existed and I can print it our on my hp 1220C and read the numbers with an 8 power reading glass. If I put in 13 x 19 paper it might be readable without optical aid.

    Anyway it is great. Every Bacons Rebellion denizen should print it out and paste it on the icebox. (We still have one :>)

    You will see TMT is right in his above post.

    This graphic, however, undercuts one of our concerns with cyber existance.


  8. E M Risse Avatar

    The above link works to pull up the graphic and that is great.

    Several others have sent me the URL in emails — all Anon.

    I have not been able to find it with WaPo search — regular or advanced — or by searching the Outlook section fo the 14 Jan edition.

    Does anyone know how they found this URL. Did it come from inside WaPo and is not on the website or is there some search trick that is not obvious?


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