Potts Gets Hinkled

Richmond Times-Dispatch

columnist Bart Hinkle has completed his trilogy on the three candidates for governor with today’s look at independent Russ Potts. See my commentary on the previous looks at Kaine and Kilgore here. Potts, it seems, has not advanced much of a platform and has hardly been a model of consistency during his political career.

Look for the adoring editorial boards of the Daily Press and other papers to quickly try to rehabilitate Potts by offering up the great liberal compliment: he’s “evolved.”

Update: As always, Norm looks deeper into the Potts phenomenom.

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    It was nice to see some truth about Potts in the MSM, even if it was in an opinion piece. One would hope that some real investigative journalist would look into Potts background and report on the inconsistencies. I’m not holding my breath though. He did end it on a good joke about the girls cross-country team. Hopefully none of them will come out against increased taxes or they too will be labeled “extremist”.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    During Potts’ 2003 campaign, he wrote “senior citizens know that theyhave a firm ally in him to per-
    serve the age deduction program in
    the Va Tax Code. The ’04 Tax Bill
    eliminated the$6,000 income re-
    duction for ages 62, 63, 64 born
    after 1-1-42 and mean tested the
    $12,000 reduction for ages 65 and
    over. So much for looking out for the little person. Inconsistent.

  3. Dave Burgess Avatar
    Dave Burgess

    This post has been appropriately noted on stoppotts.com. And thanks to Anonymous for pointing out how Potts swindle seniors out of more of their fixed incomes.

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