The Potomac: A Great Divide

Two Washington Post statehouse reporters got together and compared the political climate of Maryland and Virginia. My favorite quote:

“It’s like Virginia is a very stern daddy and Maryland is a very compassionate mommy,” said Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. (D-Calvert).

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  1. Ray Hyde Avatar

    I had a problem with an insurance company that reneged on their contract. I took the dispute to the Virgina insurance commissioners office with the result the office sided with the insurance company.

    I kind of figured i was in trouble when the agent responded to y questions with what sounded very much like canned responses “The insurance comapnay has the right to do ….”

    I told the agent that I was inquiring about my rights, not the company’s rights.

    The end resul;t cost me $5000.

    I later found out that Mryland was suing the same company for the same activity they pulled on me.

    Did you know that in Virginia your health insurance can be canceled, retroactively, for up to two years?

    All they have to do is find something – anything – in your health files that was not declared on the one page application form.

    In that particular instance, I wished I lived in maryland.

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