Politics Makes Strange Blogfellows

Just as soon as Steve Sisson, the “Blue Dog,” made this provocative comment about political blogging, I learned from a Bob Gibson Daily Progress story that Virginia blogger Waldo Jaquith is considering a run for Mitch Van Yahres’ 57th District seat in Charlottesville:

Former City Council hopeful Waldo Jaquith have been mentioned as potential candidates, Democratic Party officials said.

Jaquith said Wednesday night that “It’s important to me that Charlottesville be represented by a progressive Democrat in the mold of Van Yahres. A number of people have suggested to me that I may be that progressive Democrat – and I’m certainly considering it – but I’m still looking for a candidate.”

I’ve not read Jaquith (a smart, partisan guy) extensively, but I’ve noted some fairly intemperate characterizations from time to time. Right now he’s calling Republican efforts to oust Russ Potts a “lynching.” It will be interesting to see, if he becomes a candidate, whether anyone will try to use some of his blog commentary against him.

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  1. Will Vehrs wrote: If he (Waldo Jaquith) becomes a candidate, whether anyone will try to use some of his blog commentary against him?

    Our political realities are slightly blurred by the blogs, but it’s not a safe zone.

    I blog, therefore, I am?

    Recently, Waldo Jaquith joined the incoming 2005 class for the Thomas C. Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership at UVA. And I sent him a congratulatory note.


    “The Institute prepares the Commonwealth’s emerging leaders for public service as candidates for office, government officials and citizen activists in the affairs of their communities, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the nation. This is accomplished through educational programs designed around ethics, public policy, and practical politics.”

    In 2003, I ran for the State Senate in the 24th District while attending the Sorensen Institute.

    And having ‘been there, done that’ — I wish him well.

    Btw, I frequently read Waldo’s blog postings as well … Can’t say I’m a big fan, but I love his discussion of current issues.

    Jaquith is not a Blue Dog fan either.

    In our recent email exchange, Waldo wrote back: “… (the Blue Dog) columns drive me up the freaking wall.”

    A mutual friend, AFP editor Chris Graham, said when I’m driving folks up the ‘freaking wall,’ I’m doing a good-to-excellent job with the Blue Dog column.

  2. Blogging might come back to bite Waldo in a political campaign?

    I hope not. I have to run for re-election in 2007. 🙂

  3. Waldo’s hilarious – check out his work here:

    Virginia Family Values

  4. Waldo Jaquith Avatar
    Waldo Jaquith

    Lynch. Ing. The author’s name. Of the piece in question in the Roanoke Times? It’s “Lynch.” It’s a joke. A pun? You see, I’m taking his name and…

    Oh, never mind.

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