The Politicians Guide To God’s Galaxy

“Men are not flattered by being shown that there has been a difference of purpose between the Almighty and them” ~ Abraham Lincoln, 1865

“The Politicians Guide To God’s Galaxy”

From high up-top the Blue Ridge Mountains, sitting in the Blue Dog’s evangelical cheap seat section, I observed this past week:

Former President Bill Clinton last week comparing his legacy to the late Pope John Paul II.

Congressional source, ‘Dry Throat’ wrote the Blue Dog: “Clinton’s pious bias is a hope that Hillary can continue his legacy after his death. Clinton’s comparing his mixed legacy to Pope John Paul II is his way of repairing his negligence as a father and husband through generous gifts for his library as well as his aiding the financing of her campaign.”

US News & World Report wrote: Former President Clinton, discussing John Paul II’s papacy with reporters as he and the first family traveled to Rome for last week’s funeral said,

… “He’s like all of us – He may have a mixed legacy.”

Blue Dog NOTE: Holy Smokes! How do you spell, P-I-O-U-S? Bill Clinton and Tim Kaine must have swapped Faith-based cliff notes at the DNC convention.

Last month, Tim Kaine told the American Prospect: “I think that John Kerry demonstrated much more comfort talking about windsurfing and hockey than he did talking about his beliefs,” says Kaine, admitting that he does have a limited amount of sympathy for the Massachusetts senator’s reticence.

“There is clearly a Christian New Testament tradition that warns against praying loudly in the front of the temple where everyone can see you,” he says. ” … I think there are devout religious people who are on guard against false demonstrations of piety, and that is an appropriate thing to wonder about. But it always strikes me as a little unusual when a candidate can talk easily about relatively peripheral or minor things but not talk with the same enthusiasm about what is the central belief system of their life.”

Blue Dog NOTE: Unless Tim ‘the choirboy’ Kaine gets smart and fires his faith-based campaign staff — this election is over and out. Do you copy? Roger that, Blue Dog!

The Republican candidate running for lieutenant governor, Sean Connaughton, proposed yesterday a statewide faith-based initiative to help needy families.

According to the RT-D: “Although the Virginia Department of Social Services has a faith-based program, there is no statewide program that would allow the state or localities to coordinate with faith-based organizations, Connaughton said at a news conference in Richmond.”

Blue Dog NOTE: I hope and pray there’s not a big taxpayer cost associated with Sean’s new government program of the month. But I do like Bush’s Faith-based initiatives.

And from the good Senator (not the senile one). It looks like George Allen has finally found peace and solace on the Commonwealth with his new chief of staff.

As reported in the Richmond Times-Dispatch: His communications director, John Reid, said he has urged the senator to talk more in public about his faith, and that Allen is trying to “make sure people know how much he cares.” Reid has been working for Allen for a year.

“He’s a private person and never wants to be seen as a preacher at all; it’s important to remind people of your moral grounding and basic faith,” Reid said.

In the speech to the Cathedral Club, a group that supports charitable efforts of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, Allen said, “There are four things that endure in me: faith, family, football and freedom.”

Whoa Nelly, Cowboy George in a member of the Christian version of the ‘Four-F’ Club! It must be time to round up them liberal Democratic donkeys in the Commonwealth.

As the Charlottesville Cowboy has said in the past, “Let’s enjoy knocking their soft teeth down their whiny throats.”

Blue Dog NOTE: Pundit Larry Saba-dodo questioned Allen’s sincerity with his religious values in the RTD column. Hey Coach Allen, can you say touchdown!

Give that political pundit a job on your future presidential staff, S-e-n-a-t-o-r … err, Gov. Mollycoddle!

For campaign 2005 and beyond, this is a battle for who can put more ‘religious decals’ on their election surfboard before the Red-state Evangelical Tsunami hits Virginia’s shores.

It’s Red State Blue State madness! But please stay tuned for another adventure of ‘God and Politics in the Commonwealth’ as high tide rolls in.

~ the blue dog

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