Peasants with Pitchforks and a Very Serious Attitude

The Jan. 16, 2006, edition of Bacon’s Rebellion is now online. Click here to read it.

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One response to “Peasants with Pitchforks and a Very Serious Attitude”

  1. Ray Hyde Avatar

    I just loved this idea for improving transportation from Steven Vincent>

    “A number of improvements were planned …. including reducing the frequency of stops, …… , and increasing the number of buses so that one is guaranteed to arrive at a station every few minutes.

    Yah Think?

    Maybe if we had enough buses everyone would only have one stop, and there would be one there whenever you wanted it. We could call them autobuses, or autos for short.

    Of course it would be expensive for the government to operate a system like that.

    Maybe we could privatize it.

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