Paging Russ Potts!

The Newport News Daily Press has two editorials this morning (here and here)on the gubernatorial race. Both are highly critical of Jerry Kilgore; the second is mildly critical of Tim Kaine.

In the second editorial is a tantalizing hint that the DP‘s endorsement is up for grabs, offering Russ Potts a wonderful opportunity:

Spring is soon to become summer and the two likely major party candidates – Kilgore and Kaine – are still favoring campaign tactics over a public strategy for shaping and improving Virginia’s future. In this manner, the two men hope to demonstrate their worthiness for higher office.

Just wondering: Is there anybody else out there?

Yes, Russ Potts is “out there.”

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(comments below)


  1. Laszlo Avatar

    George Fitch

  2. Norman Avatar

    You sure that’s not just a rhetorical question, Will?

    I’d bet your last dollar they’ve got their endorsement already in the can.

  3. Will Vehrs Avatar
    Will Vehrs

    Maybe they just don’t want Tim Kaine to take them for granted.

  4. Doug W. Avatar
    Doug W.

    Here’s a strategy for Virginia’s future: Lamar!’s only memorable line, “Cut their pay and send them home.”

    Did it ever occur to those crack journalists that campaign strategies are based on visions?

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