A page out of the Republican play book

Virginia’s bloggers have made Potts the CENTER of attention already–just like the Republican Party has done! If both keep this up, he’s in by a mile!

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(comments below)


  1. Shaun Kenney Avatar
    Shaun Kenney

    Precisely. . .

  2. Steven Avatar

    If Russ Potts is a centralist, and Democrats say the same of Tim Kaine.

    Q. When does Potts become a threat to Kaine’s candidacy?

    It’s a valid question.

    If you promise someone something, keep it — or at the least, be careful what you promise.

    ~ the blue dog

  3. Will Vehrs Avatar
    Will Vehrs

    So far, Russ Potts has captivated everyone but the voters.

  4. Barnie Day Avatar
    Barnie Day

    Bleu Dawg, Potts is clearly a threat to Kaine and Kilgore already, more so to Kilgore, but to Kaine nonetheless. And Will, would you say Kilgore has captivated much more than those who voted for him in the primary? What was that, 82% of the 3.6%? Let’s see…hmmm…that makes it about 2.9%. He’s got the party hacks and the yellow dogs. At this point Kaine’s got about the same. Not much of a head start. That’s why I think the campaign’s just beginning.

  5. Will Vehrs Avatar
    Will Vehrs

    Barnie, I’ll grant you that the campaign is just starting, but the last three polls I’ve seen show Kaine and Kilgore in the 40’s and “other” under 5%. Potts isn’t off to a great start, except on the editorial pages.

    Now maybe Kaine and Kilgore are near that magic 51%. Maybe they’re dropping into the 30’s. We don’t know yet, so I’m not going to invest in Potts as heavily as you are. I just don’t sense the electorate is “fed up,” “disillusioned,” or whatever it takes for a significant number of voters to consider voting for a third party. They may get there and that seems to be what you–and Potts–are banking on.

    Neither Kilgore nor Kaine, running cautiously because they know the electorate is placid, have captivated anybody. Kilgore didn’t exactly roll up the votes last Tuesday, but if Tim Kaine had been on the Democratic ballot, I doubt if primary turnout would have been that much higher.

  6. Steven Avatar

    Not many party activist are thrilled with the Kaine’s campaign. Most will not comment publicly, but are highly upset at the Faith-based joyride he’s conducted so far. Don’t tell me I am wrong… I’m traveling in the same circles.

    Several old time party hacks have told me the campaign staff is too juvenile.

    Here’s another…

    Q. Is Cranwell baby-sitting the Kaine staff or salvaging the House of Delegate campaigns?

    Will: I’ve seen absolutely ‘no action’ with Potts’ campaign. There’s nothing there. Nothing on paper at least, not a hint of a rumored political endorsement. If the pro-tax Pubs endorse Russ Potts along with a ‘major’ special interests PAC, I’ll agree with Barnie’s assessment.

    ~ the blue dog

  7. Barnie Day Avatar
    Barnie Day

    Had the poll takers not mentioned Kaine or Kilgore by name and party, OR had they mentioned Potts by name as well, instead of “other,” the numbers would have been radically different, I’d say. Ask Mary Sue Terry about big poll numbers in June.

  8. Norman Avatar

    I, too, am interested to see what happens when the first poll asks about support for Potts by name.

    Perhaps then, we will need a different category. Not “other,” but “who?”

  9. James Young Avatar
    James Young

    Chamber Potts could get every vote in the blogosphere (obviously, he won’t), and still not get out of the single digits.

    Let’s face: like the media, we’re the junkies talking, and we talk about Potts for the same reason that the theft of the D.C. Police Chief’s care is talked about: man bites dog.

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