An Outbreak of Common Sense at William & Mary

It’s encouraging to know that there are some outer boundaries of political correctness that even Virginia’s vanguard universities will not cross. In response to a National Collegiate Athletic Association initiative, the College of William & Mary has evaluated the use of the Native American logo and nickname — the Tribe — and concluded that they are not “hostile and abusive.”

President Gene Nichol appointed an evaluation committee, which gave the matter careful consideration. Not only does the term “Tribe” not violate NCAA standards, the moniker “communicates ennobling sentiments of commitment, shared idealism, community, and common cause,” Nichol wrote in a letter published on the W&M website. “My recent conversations with nearby Virginia Indian tribes have affirmed their acceptance of the nickname, which highlights, of course, the historical connection between the College and its role in educating Native Americans.”

One can never take for granted the triumph of common sense on a university campus. This is truly cause for celebration!

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7 responses to “An Outbreak of Common Sense at William & Mary”

  1. Salt Lick Avatar

    Which still doesn’t address the fact that “Cavaliers” were a bunch of lazy, racist, patriarchal opportunists cross-dressed in stockings and peacock feathers. I demand a change to the UVA Yuppies.

  2. BillandMary'76 Avatar

    Salt Lick, my Roundhead ancestors agree (actually fiction — my Irish ancestors wouldn’t have cared much for either Cavalier or Roundhead.)

    Jim: We’ll take the small victories when we get them.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Nichols actually spent time (and money) on that?

    This was an old hat. Back in the early 1990’s the exact same thing happened. Some people complained about the name “Tribe.” A number of students interviewed several Native American tribes and asked them if they found the name offensive. The conclusion, by the Native American’s, was that the school nickname was not offensive. The story made into the school newspaper, and later even the mainstream media when Jay Leo referenced it in a story he wrote.

    Nichols is not exactly inspiring confidence if he making this stuff a priority.

  4. NotFrankBeamer Avatar

    Dear Salt Lick – Nevermind that the gobbler is the dumbest domesticated beast. (And who thinks orange and maroon go together?)

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    Nevermind also that hokies have been, by definition, castrated. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  6. Terry M. Avatar

    Anon 10:10 – This year though the NCAA planned penalizing institutions that did not comply. Nichol had no option no to take this seriously.

  7. Salt Lick Avatar

    Castrated? Heh. See you guys around Thanksgiving. Wear your cups.

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