Opaque from Top to Bottom

Over at The Caucus, they’re talking about making the federal government more transparent using new technology. Whether our betters in DC will ever allow more sunlight to shine on their work remains doubtful:

…Ellen Miller of the Sunlight Foundation, which pushes for more government transparency, said the White House site is mostly full of P.R.-friendly statements.

As with any revolution, Mr. Meinrath said, some uncertainty lies in whether Congress will ever make use of all the Internet tools available to it. “That’s an open question,” he said.

Mr. Glover had a, well, slightly morbid outlook: Congress might not become more technology-forward “until older people are voted out of office or die.”

Danny can be forgiven for his pessimism…particularly if he paid any attention to the push for greater transparency in Virginia government during the current session.

From the White House to Capitol Square, the political class is none too eager to have the masses scrutinizing the books…or letting them know where the books are kept in the first place.

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