One year ago today during happier times in Virginia

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  1. Thanks. It was fun to watch that again.

  2. Thanks, Ripper. Nice to have think about something else

  3. It was a building year for the Hoos. they wouldn’t have made it very far. The season would have been another anti-climax. I feel bad for the kids, but as a fan I can’t get too exercised.

  4. Let’s not relive the horror and disgrace.

  5. Yesterday’s RTD had a retrospective in its sport section about W&M football (don’t say it….) and the 1975 season, 1-9. The story recalled that the end of season win over U of R may have saved the program from a strong push underway to eliminate football, or at least go to a lower division. Ahem, your’s truly helped start that drive, with a resolution offered in the Student Senate. I was a contrarian pain in the %$# even then. But my goal, misunderstood even at the time, was to pour the money into the basketball program instead.

    I remain pretty upset about how this pandemic has been allowed to kill the economy, but not holding those large sporting events in packed, enclosed arenas was definitely the right move.

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