One Man’s Weed is Another Man’s Riparian Buffer

Adopting a new aesthetic for public places, the city of Charlottesville has created “no mow” zones near creeks and streams in five city parks. In April, the city also organized volunteers to plant 250 trees in the no-mow zones. The new policy, city officials acknowledge, will result in a shaggier, more unkempt look along the streams. But it also will help keep the waters clean.

As reported by “The Hook“:

“It’s a relatively cost-effective way to deal with storm water run-off,” notes the city’s environmental administrator Crystal Riddervold, who explains that vegetation filters pollutants that otherwise might run into streams.

The practice may spread. City code requires residents to keep residential grass shorter than 18 inches. But there’s an exemption. You can petition the city to declare your yard a riparian zone. No one has pursued that option… yet. The way I figure it, all it will take is one lazy husband tired of mowing the lawn to petition the city successfully, and the idea will spread like wildfire.

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3 responses to “One Man’s Weed is Another Man’s Riparian Buffer”

  1. Charles Avatar

    the idea will spread like wildfire

    Or maybe wildflowers.

  2. Ray Hyde Avatar
    Ray Hyde

    In King County, Washington, this idea has been carried to its natural conclusion. There 65% of your property MUST be left in natural habitat, even if you are a farm.

    One woman removed a rubbish pile of old appliances after she bought a new home. She was promptly fined $15,000 for removing the natural habitat that consisted of vines growing up over the rubbish pile.

    In this case, the plan only applies to city parks. Look forwar to the day when the ordinance spreads. Simply requiring that natural growth occur on certain areas of your property is simply another way for someone else to get what they want without paying for it.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    We’ll see how long this lasts when the problem of vector control starts to rear it’s ugly head.

    They’ll be wacking down those weeds in no time!

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