On the Road Again…

For a guy who doesn’t travel much, I’m doing a lot of travel recently. I’ll be on the road again and posting irregularly, if at all, for a week.

But, first, one more post for the road… Who knew that Richmond, Va., had a gay publication? Not stodgy, old-fogy me living in the ‘burbs. But it does, GayRVA.com. Earlier this week, Editor-in-Chief Brad Kutner interviewed three conservative/Republican pundits about their reaction to a decision by the Nevada Republican Party convention to drop opposition to same-sex marriage from its platform. I was one of the three, even though I don’t formally identify myself as a Republican.

Charlottesville blogger Rick Sincere and Times-Dispatch editorial page editor Robin Beres had more to say than I did (probably for good reason, for gay rights is not a subject I spend a lot of time thinking about). Bottom line: None of the three predicted that the Republican Party of Virginia would join the Nevada GOP any time soon but it’s pretty clear that attitudes are changing, even on the right side of the political spectrum.

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