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This image tickled me. Nothing better illustrates how the old and new live side by side in London than this view, near the Earl’s Court underground station, of a classic, red telephone booth and a newer booth that says, “WiFi here.” We saw a number of the red booths around the city — but never anyone using them. Why would they? Everyone has cell phones.


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3 responses to “Old and New”

  1. larryg Avatar

    cell phones have changed the world. Friends just back from a visit to Tanzania report that even out in the bush – where there are occasional “outposts” that have solar power – locals flock to charge up their phones and use the local cell tower.

  2. Who still needs the payphone booth? Dr. Who, that’s who!

    1. That was my son’s observation. I’ve never watched Dr. Who, so I don’t get the allusion.

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