Now the Washington Post’s Michael Shear Has a Blog

Any good political reporter picks up lots of juicy nuggets in the process of covering his/her beat that just aren’t worth writing a full-length story about. But the morcels could well translate into two-three paragraph items that could feed a blog. That, it seems, is the motivation behind the blog maintained by The Washington Post’s Michael Shear. Check out his “Race to Richmond: Notes from the Virginia Governor’s Race” blog.

It’s not very profound — I suppose he saves his deepest thinking for his articles — but Shear seems to be posting an average of one item per day, so blogophiles might consider adding it to their list of bookmarks. It will be interesting to see if other political reporters follow his lead.

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(comments below)


  1. Will Vehrs Avatar
    Will Vehrs

    His blog is still new, but in the most commented on post, I note 4 Bush-bashing and 1 Kaine-bashing comment. That’s a slightly different ratio than I think we see here at BR.

    I wonder if Shear’s blog will actually be a more efficient way for him to communicate with sources … he can post an “article in progress” and spin sources will be able to email him specific “dish” without him calling everybody in his rolodex.

  2. Norman Avatar

    “Good Copy” needs a blog…now!

    And if he does, I’ll never get any sleep.

  3. Will Vehrs Avatar
    Will Vehrs

    “Good Copy” once told me to “keep ranting,” so I think he will be one of the last to blog. Ranting is so unbecoming.

    Sleep is assured, Norm.

  4. Doug W. Avatar
    Doug W.

    Well, at least he’s trying. He compares favorably with R.H. Melton, a Compost reporter on the Virginia beat some years ago, who was SO bad that you could count on anything he wrote as being absolutely wrong.

    I always assumed that people in the Capitol fiendishly gave him bad information because they enjoyed laughing at his articles over coffee the next morning.

  5. Steven Avatar

    Mollycoddle’s WaPo sycophant Michael Shear has a web log?

    I believe the Blue Dog is going to throw up — or at the least, I’ll post a caustic blogflogging remark on his web log.

    And a “Good Copy” blog waiting in the wings, you say Norm?


    ~ the blue dog

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    doug w: are you talking about the blue dog or shear?

  7. Laszlo Avatar

    I remember Melton well. A very good reporter. I was with him when he covered Doug Wilder’s tour of Southside Virginia while running for Governor. Melton wrote well on what Doug encountered.

  8. Steven Avatar

    Very funny Anon. Because I accurately predicted the 2004 tax hike as well as every VA election since I began publishing. Apparently, this dog hunts.

    ~ the blue dog

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