Note to Readers

Bacon’s Rebellion is experiencing technical difficulties — or, to be more accurate, our web server is experiencing technical difficulties. The website was down about three hours this morning, and some of the functionality has yet to be restored. The Cloud is far from perfect!

We are aware of the problem, and we’re working on it. Thanks for your patience.


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6 responses to “Note to Readers

  1. Ha! Comments are back! (The silence was nice for a while…)

  2. It’s reassuring that Captain Courageous stands sturdy and indomitable at stormy helm.

  3. But for the interruption yesterday we’d have broken 85,000 page views in March or whatever that metric is….second best month ever. Fighting over who is screwing up more, Trump or Northam, clearly drives readership. (Sigh).

    • Katrina was the worst. The accusations and insults over one particular thread got so heated that I deleted the underlying post and every one of the comments. We live in vitriolic times, but it’s not a whole lot worse than when Bush was president.

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