Note to Campaign Managers

The Bacon’s Rebellion blog isn’t just for policy wonks–it’s for campaign junkies. If you work for a statewide or General Assembly electoral campaign, please add us to your e-mail distribution list at We won’t have time to address every single press release that comes our way, but we will post the highlights.

Plus, we’ll do our level best to link to audio and video files that you’ve posted on your own websites. Newspapers and televisions want to filter your TV and radio spots through their news staffs — or make you pay to run them. We’re happy to link to them so interested readers can make their own evaluations.

— Jim Bacon

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  1. Karen Avatar

    Regarding the race in the 26th-Fulk vs Lohr:

    I’ve heard from inside republican sources in harrisonburg and rockingham that the lohr campaign is in serious trouble of a loss of confidence of the rank and file. The base…

    The lohr dual campaign strategy of painting fulk as evil and at the same time that young Matthew as “just like fulk” is not gaining any traction at all and is actually working to build fulk’s credibility all the more.

    Lohr has already been caught adopting fulk’s position on reuse of poultry structures and support for local law enforcement.

    Both are issues that fulk has highlighted for years and lohr has never before mentioned.

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