Note to Agitators, Bomb Throwers and Rebels

For a couple of years now, two to three dozen readers of Bacon’s Rebellion have been contributing faithfully to the upkeep of the blog through small monthly contributions. I want to thank them for their loyal support and report to them what I’ve been doing with the money.

Twitter fail. In concert with a push to build a Twitter following, which I hoped would drive more traffic to the blog, I spent several hundred dollars on a variety of Twitter-related promotions. I succeeded in increasing the number of Twitter followers, but I could see no impact upon the number of click-throughs to the blog or the number of blog readers. It was a worthwhile experiment, but it did not yield meaningful results, so I pulled the plug on the campaign.

Improved user experience. Since then, I have resolved to use the contributions to improve the reader experience.

First, I want to protect against the disruption of another Denial of Service attack like the one that knocked the blog offline a year or so ago, and I want to guard against the threat of a ransomware attack. Accordingly, I have subscribed to a service that regularly backs up the blog content. If another attack occurs, I should be able to recover more quickly than I did last time.

Secondly, I have subscribed to a service that purports to speed up the loading of Bacon’s Rebellion pages to your browser. This, too, I regard as an experiment. Let me know if you notice a difference.

Party time! Finally, let me toss out an idea.

A top goal since the inception of the blog has been to maintain a civil dialogue between readers across the political spectrum. Given the polarized state of the nation, never has that goal been more important. I’ve always felt that it’s harder to be rude to someone you know in person. Accordingly, I have been thinking of hosting a get-together in Richmond for Bacon’s Rebellion readers and contributors who would like to meet one another, promote civil dialogue, and/or provide input to the Big Bacon himself on how to improve the blog.

Naturally, alcohol and bacon-themed foodstuffs will be involved.

If you would like to participate, please respond publicly in a comment or privately by emailing me at jabacon[at] If there is sufficient interest, I will organize an event.

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(comments below)


11 responses to “Note to Agitators, Bomb Throwers and Rebels”

  1. Can’t do the alchy or bacon but sounds fun. Only question I would have is whether or not it would be friendly to out of towners?
    Larry might want UVA to attend. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. LarrytheG Avatar

    Good possibilities…!!! But one might be for Bacon to reserve a place like this:–amusement-parks-carnivals.jpg

    not sure if it ought to be before or after drinks..


  3. Though it might increase other people’s health insurance rates, I will undertake to consume VN’s share of the libations and . . .

  4. musingsfromjanus Avatar

    Great idea. Would love to participate in the get-together.
    Re speed, the blog has always been good to excellent.
    Re spreading the word – regular readers like myself need to do a better job of forwarding and informing that this BLOG has credible content on Virginia issues either not found anywhere else or where others have published similarly worthy but unrecognized content, they too are published here — E.g. Cranky.

  5. Andrew Roesell Avatar
    Andrew Roesell

    Dear Jim,

    I’m interested, subject to the wifely veto, but I’m bringing the Manischewitz (wine)! Larry’s idea of bumper cars and Acbar’s of pig-bacon both sound good.



  6. kvdavis2 Avatar

    I would LOVE a Bacon’s Rebellion party! But srsly – am I the only woman regular on this blog!?! I think I remember one (pretty conservative) woman a few years ago….anyway I grew up with a buncha guys and I’m comfortable with it but not if it’s pretty much all-stag-but me….! But women trend to be “lurkers” on the interwebz so maybe they’re out there!

  7. UpAgnstTheWall Avatar

    I neither drink nor eat bacon, but I’d be down.

  8. I would attend if available. However, if both Larry and I both show up there could possibly be the equivalent of a matter-antimatter collision that could annihilate Greater Richmond. . .

  9. Steve Haner Avatar
    Steve Haner

    Will you all be more or less interesting in person? Hmmm. I’d love to find out.

  10. djrippert Avatar

    Why do you find it necessary to separate bacon and libations?

  11. djrippert Avatar

    I will be happy to either bring the bacon drinks or fund their provision. However, I must insist that American Revolution Vodka be used in whatever vodka – bacon drinks are created. I met a number of the founders at AmRev – amazing story … from vet to ceo.

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