Notary Public Union Busting to End

Daniel LeBlanc, President of the Virginia AFL-CIO and Democratic Party activist, is the new Secretary of the Commonwealth. If Governor-elect Kaine wants someone to enforce party and ideological discipline on appointments, LeBlanc’s probably a good choice.

NBC-12 in Richmond is reporting that Professor Larry Sabato thinks LeBlanc might be controversial. Imagine the effect on Virginia if notaries public unionize.

[Thanks to one our many anonymi for correcting me on the plural of notary public. See comments.]

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10 responses to “Notary Public Union Busting to End”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Those would of course be notaries public.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Sabato hates the AFL-CIO.

  3. Will Vehrs Avatar

    Thanks for the plural correction. I’ve never seen two notaries together …..

  4. Lucy Jones Avatar

    Is that something like the “apprenti”?

  5. The Jaded JD Avatar
    The Jaded JD

    I am shamed and aghast. I was the correcting anonymous, though I could have sworn I provided my usual moniker. I may have done and then clicked the anonymous button in error when I scrolled up.

    Sigh. I feel like that time I set the grail-shaped beacon alight.

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    Va State AFL-CIO donations:

    2005 Kaine for Governor – $141,200

    2005 All Democrats: $244,300


  7. Will Vehrs Avatar

    Thanks, Mr. JD. Anonymous posts correcting grammatical errors are always welcome. Happy New Year.

  8. Anonymous Avatar

    The various sources of funds affilaited with the AFL-CIO gave more than one million to Kaine, and I’m sure that is a small number compared to the inkind and volunteer effort.

    The quiet reaction to this is one of the most telling signs of our new Virginia, drifting quietly past the center and even toward the left. I predict a serious crack will be found in the Harry Byrd statue this morning, and slowly the business community will wake up and discover what some tried to say — Tim Kaine is no Mark Warner.

  9. Anonymous Avatar

    To anyone with even a passing knowledge about Democratic party politics, there is nothing “quiet” about LeBlanc’s appointment as the most powerful arbiter of political patronage in Virginia.

    Tim Kaine’s campaign manager, Mike Henry, was an AFL-CIO organizer prior to working for Kaine. Very few people in the Dem Party hierarchy break wind without consulting LeBlanc and his less visible, but probably more powerful, associate, Jim Lehman. These men are deeply tied to the party activists’ blab network, which can tie up a candidate’s precious time and focus with false rumors and irrelevent fires, day in and day out.

    Wasn’t it curious that Creigh Deeds, deemed by the media as a conservative Democrat, announced his campaign for attorney general at an AFL-CIO-affiliated headquarters? Of course he did; who managed his campaign? None other than Susan Swecker, whose cozy ties to labor are obvious to all in the party. After all, she and LeBlanc served together as DNC representatives from Virginia. It’s a no-brainer.

    Kaine’s appointment of LeBlanc sends a profound signal to the small but influential clique of aging, out-of-touch, losing left-wingers — the ones who oversaw the fall of their legislative caucuses into minority party status, the ones who secretly despise Mark Warner — the ones who control Democratic politics in Virginia: Labor owns me.

    Of all of Kaine’s cabinet appointments so far, this one is the most disturbing. And the most logical.

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