Nostradamus in Virginia

We now have a firm date for the apocalypse.

Sen. Russ Potts, reported by Hugh Lessig of the Daily Press: “He predicted that Kilgore’s refusal to include him will backfire and that by Oct. 15 it will be a Potts-Kaine race.”

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(comments below)


  1. Norman Avatar

    If Potts is taking about the race for runner-up, then he might have a point.

  2. MR JMS Avatar

    Ok, can someone please tell me where Sen. Potts is getting his stuff?

  3. James Young Avatar
    James Young

    Maybe we should consider a contest for the best drug reference in relation to Chamber Potts.

  4. Steven Avatar

    The Russ Potts news source…

    ~ the blue dog

  5. TheModerate Avatar

    Here is the show:

    Here is the link to the broadcast….Potts is about half way through thye show:

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