Northam’s Final Presser: No Remorse

by Kerry Dougherty

For the first time since the pandemic began, a news bulletin that Gov. Ralph Northam was holding a press conference yesterday didn’t fill me with dread.

Four days left in his term. How much damage could he do?

In the past we never knew which civil liberties would be thrown into the wood chipper by the governor who never admits he’s wrong.

Any time infections rose, we knew with certainty that Northam would flail about, instituting new rules that would have absolutely no impact on the trajectory of the virus.

Cases rose, and cases fell. It mattered little if Virginians were sitting on beaches, staying out past midnight or wearing state-mandated face diapers.

Had it not been for bold governors in places like Florida and Texas and South Dakota we might have been fooled into believing that the arbitrary rules were somehow responsible for the inevitable drop in cases.

We knew better.

On Monday, with four days left in his term, Northam reinstituted a 30-day state of emergency ostensibly to help ease the burden on hospitals.

Always willing to pat himself on the back, Northam used the occasion to boast about the high vaccination rate in Virginia while at the same time saying our hospitals were feeling the pressure and cases were at an all-time high.

He sees no contradiction in those statements.

Northam even repeated the party line that the vaccines are working “as they’re supposed to.”

No, they’re not. The vaccines were intended to stop the virus and end the pandemic. They were supposed to protect the vaccinated from infection and transmission.

As it is, the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike are spreading this highly contagious virus.

At best, the vaccines seem to protect the vaxxed from serious illness. Then again the virus has mutated into a much milder, less deadly disease.

This was the governor’s final press conference, and true to form, when asked what he might have done differently during the pandemic Northam shrugged and refused to admit any mistakes.

He seems to have forgotten that he was the first governor in the nation to close schools for the remainder of the 2020 school year. A colossal mistake. Worse, his rules for reopening were so onerous that most public schools stayed shuttered through the fall of 2020 and some didn’t reopen until the spring of 2021.

The damage done to kids by Ralph Northam’s policies has been immeasurable. These kids will be paying for the governor’s reckless policies for years.

As usual, the obedient Virginia press corps tossed little softballs at the governor and applause was heard as he left the room. It was unclear who was clapping.

After eight years of giving tongue baths to successive Democratic governors we’ll have to wait to see just how kind and accommodating members of the media are when a Republican is in charge.

My prediction: Watch the lapdogs turn into attack dogs with Glenn Youngkin in the Governor’s Mansion.

This column has been republished with permission from Kerry: Unemployed & Unedited.

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9 responses to “Northam’s Final Presser: No Remorse”

  1. tmtfairfax Avatar

    If he were alive today, John Calvin would use Northam as an example of proof of double predestination. The bottom line remains-Northam did not take personal responsibility for his personal racist actions. Whether one believes his government policies and dictates were right or wrong, the undeniable fact (except in the minds of the MSM) remains, “Northam failed to accept responsibility for his actions as a graduating MD and make appropriate personal atonement.” I regard Northam and Trump in the same category — morally bankrupt individuals, irrespective of their policies and decisions while in office.

  2. Kathleen Smith Avatar
    Kathleen Smith

    Northam may have been the first to close schools, but he certainly wasn’t the last. Is there any understanding that this arena we are in due to the pandemic is a first? I wouldn’t want to be a governor in this mess. Nobody knows anything for sure. I can say, he followed the data, maybe that should count for something. His best appointment was Danny Avula. He waived a goodbye last week and I didn’t hear anyone thanking him for his thankless but courageous job of leading in a pandemic. Like many leaders, Northam is only as good as those he chooses to lead with him. In Dr. Avula’s case, they both did a good job.

  3. DJRippert Avatar

    Northam is emblematic of the “Descendants of Pocahontas”, the “Plantation Elite”, and/or the “Byrd Machine Throwbacks”. They are culturally incapable of admitting they were wrong. I learned this at age 18 at UVa when I first met a species of human I had never encountered before – the wealthy Richmond preppy. Beyond expressing their individuality by dressing in a uniform of khakis, LaCoste ‘gator shirts, duck shoes, they confirmed their intellectual individuality by uniformly talking about the Lost Cause, the War of Northern Aggression and worshipping Robert E Lee.

    According to the “Plantation Elite” the US Civil War was all about states’ rights, not slavery. “Often wrong but never in doubt” became most people’s standard thought when dealing with a member of the “Plantation Elite”. It wasn’t just that their personal beliefs could never be called into question, the entire “First Families” mythology of Virginia was sacrosanct. All those so-called First Families were direct descendants of Pocahontas! This belief (held as fact) continued despite the reality that Pocahontas died in England (probably of smallpox) at age 21 after having one child.

    Virginia was the center of the universe and Richmond was the capital of that center. Even the “Plantation Elite” from outside Richmond saw Richmond as the shining City of the Hill. The Imperial City of the Lost Cause with the beautiful statues of heroic Confederate soldiers.

    Northam was born into this world. Northam’s daddy was a three term Commonwealth’s Attorney in Accomack County. His grandpa was a circuit court judge. They were among the pistons of the Byrd Machine engine. Little Prince Ralph was born in 1959 at the peak of the Byrd Machine to people holding Byrd Machine positions in Byrd Machine territory.

    Remorse? That requires at least a modicum of humility. Something not present in a “Prince of the Byrd Machine”.

    Goodby and good riddance.

    1. Not to mention the Northam generational wealth produced by slave labor (three of his four grandparental lines were slave owning families) that he still benefits from to this day.

    2. how_it_works Avatar

      Not to mention their tendency to blame everything wrong with Virginia on “come heres” and “Yankees”.

    3. how_it_works Avatar

      You know, it is possible that Pocahontas was a carrier of X-linked mental retardation.

      It would surely explain a few things about Virginia.

    4. tmtfairfax Avatar

      So why did those Virginians who lived in the northwestern part of the Commonwealth decide to become West Virginia in 1863? They had England and India with all of their class/caste systems and were governed by their betters.

      Riddle me this. Isn’t the MSM basically a class system? Oh, there are some “diverse” reporters/hosts but the strings are still pulled by the elite. With the sudden passing of Mr. Hiatt, the WaPo had a chance to do some real diversity in the editorial office. But it didn’t. Why not? The editorial board ranted and raved about the inequity of TJHSST under the merit system, so why not lead by example?

      Not much difference between the Virginia First Families and the MSM.

  4. James Wyatt Whitehead Avatar
    James Wyatt Whitehead

    So thankful for Virginia’s term limit on the governor. Patrick Henry and James Monroe were 2 term governors with gaps between. Don’t forget Extra Billy Smith a wartime and antebellum governor and even a Reconstruction House of Delegate.

  5. John Martin Avatar
    John Martin

    “The damage done to kids by Ralph Northam’s policies has been immeasurable.” Same policies that have been enacted all over the entire freakin’ world.

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