Normalizing Pedophilia

Allyn Walker

by Kerry Dougherty

Turns out Allyn Walker is not a lone academic pushing a repulsive agenda. Others in the woke crowd are chiming in.

Remember Walker? That was the ODU professor who was sacked last year after this site and others sounded the alarm about how they/them was preaching the gospel of “minor attracted persons” – a euphemism for pedophiles.

Calling perverts who lust after children “pedophiles” hurts their feelings, said Walker. We need to treat these monsters with more respect.

Last time I checked, Walker was working at Johns Hopkins.

Acceptance of pedophilia as just one more wrinkle in our sexual tapestry is the latest attack on children by the people who brought you drag queen story time. Those of us who refuse to recognize the humanity of men who want to rape babies are being too judgy, they say. Stop with your Christian moralizing, they scold. Pedophiles are just like everyone else, except they find Pampers sexy.

Time for normal people to shout ENOUGH. We will never show compassion to people who hurt children. And we will object every time some leftie voices these repugnant ideas.

This perps-first-victims-last attitude is the natural outgrowth of the sort of soft-on-crime policies peddled by Democrats around the country.

One minute society’s being too hard on murderers by keeping them locked up for life. Next, we’re being unkind to freaks who hurt children by shunning them even after they’ve served their prison sentences.

At least that’s the point of Downstate, a play that received a glowing review in The Washington Post under the happy headline: “‘Downstate’ Is A Play About Pedophiles. It’s Also Brilliant.”

Bruce Norris’ off-Broadway work is tough stuff, questioning how society treats those convicted of heinous acts.

The Post reviewer called this sympathetic portrayal of felons living in a halfway house “scintillating.” The point of the play is to admonish us to be nice to the animals once they are out of prison.

Tell me, how is ANY prison sentence long enough for someone who sexually abused a kid? Why would they EVER get out?

Ooops. My moral outrage is showing. I’ll try to do better

Living together in a group home in downstate Illinois, their movements monitored electronically (and their windows broken by irate vandals), four men of diverse age and backgrounds eke out marginal existences in menial jobs and managed routines. The house is like an island whose shores are washed with waves of contempt. Any protest or request is treated by their harried caseworker …as that of a passenger in steerage daring to ask for a clean blanket…the predators who’ve completed their prison terms are depicted not as monsters but rather as complicated, troubled souls.

“Troubled souls.”

Oh, please. Spare us.

But it gets worse. Apparently the most “disagreeable” character in this scintillating, brilliant play is the grown victim of one of the pedophiles, who comes to face his molester.

Why does this not surprise me? Of course the bad guy would have to be the victim.

I won’t be seeing this play and I suspect you won’t either.

But the fact that The Washington Post decided to publicize and praise the production, which clearly attempts to gin up sympathy for violent perverts, tells you all you need to know about this once-great daily.

Can you imagine what the late Ben Bradlee would have said about publishing this rubbish in his newspaper?

Left-wing woke loons are now running the show. Both off-Broadway and in Washington.

This column has been republished with permission from Kerry: Unemployed & Unedited.