New Blog Offers Campaign “Scoops”

I picked up some interesting scuttlebutt from The Turnip, a new Virginia blog:

Kaine Campaign Shake-Up Under Consideration?

The Saluda Soothsayer is reporting in their weekend edition that the Tim Kaine for Governor campaign, buoyed by positive coverage of their decision to debate Russ Potts, is actively considering a total change of strategy. An anonymous Kaine operative said a proposal has been presented to “brand” Kaine as the “All Debate, All the Time” candidate.

Under the proposed strategy, Kaine would establish a dawn to dusk debate schedule, eschewing more familiar campaign staples as hand-shaking, baby-kissing, and cow-milking. The Democrat would debate independent Russ Potts and an empty chair representing Jerry Kilgore wherever possible, but would supplement those encounters with face-offs against Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and Ed Matricardi, the candidates many Virginians believe are on the ballot.

Additionally, to answer critics such as feisty blogger Norm Leahy, Kaine will offer to debate William Redpath, Nancy Spannous, and any other former candidate who was shut out of debates. Negotiations are underway with C-SPAN and the Al Gore network to telecast the debates live and rebroadcast them continuously from midnight to 6AM up until election day. There is even a scenario under which Kaine would debate Steven “The Blue Dog” Sisson, but Kaine is said to be balking at taking the concept that far.

According to a staffer who has seen the proposal,

It’s risky, especially on the two days that a rested and prepped Jerry Kilgore is showing up to debate, but I think they’re going to go for it. No candidate has ever been branded like he was a cable network before, but by debating all day, every day, Tim will become the most trusted source of debate in Virginia. He’ll debate, you’ll decide. It’s revolutionary.

Kilgore To Announce Product Tie-In

Jerry Kilgore will announce on a Monday “700 Club” appearance that his entire campaign staff will begin having a Pat Robertson diet shake for lunch every day until election day. The shake will appear in Kilgore campaign materials and supporters will be urged to join Jerry in “shaking up” the gubernatorial race. Prizes will be awarded to campaign donors whose combination of contribution amount and weight loss are the highest. It will be one of the first ever product-candidate commercial tie-ins in Virginia political history.

Asked if the move was an effort to help the beleagured Robertson, under attack for advocating the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, Kilgore laughed. “I love Pat’s Shake. Always have and always will.”

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  1. Barnie Day Avatar
    Barnie Day

    Will! You’ve done it! The Show! The Bigs! A ’10’ on anybody’s scale.

  2. Darn good stuff, Will.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Very clever! Bravo.

  4. Kudos for Kilgore, err… I meant to say Will.

    ~ the blue dog

  5. republitarian Avatar

    so what I’m hearing is that Kaine isn’t afraid of anyone……..except for Sisson?

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    “War of the Worlds”. I actually thought this was real for a minute. How sad a commentary is that on our political process?

  7. Brilliant as always, Mr. Vehrs.

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